Presents in presence at Agape Latte

By Robert Creenan Griffin Reporter It’s close to the end of the school year, which means another group of graduating students is heading out into the world. This means that friends you once had endless amounts of time for, now can’t be bothered. Friendships take a lot of hard work to maintain, especially when your life is readjusting … [Read more...]

What to expect when you’re Griff Fest-ing

By Janelle Harb Editor-in-Chief Would an event by any other name be just as sweet? Apparently so as this year’s Quad Party/Spring Fest/Griff Fest will be taking place next week in celebration of the end of another successful semester.  The Griffin was able to talk to Kate Anticoli, Chair of the Student Programming Board, and Vince … [Read more...]

Checkmate: The Queen City vs. The King City

By Becca Hartman Assistant Features Contributor When I left college in New York City behind last year to transfer home to Buffalo, it was with the knowledge that I was never going back. New York had left a bad taste in my mouth and on my final day there, almost exactly one year ago, I knew that my time there had run its course. … [Read more...]

Unveiling Quadrangle: A Conversation with Nicole Kuhn, Editor-in-Chief

By Nathan Ress Assistant Features Editor In a quest for more information on what is arguably the premier event in the Canisius literary and arts community, I journeyed to the top of the student center, and found my way into the Quadrangle club room. The room itself is guarded by a green door with faux wood grain finish and in the … [Read more...]

Calling out to idiot America

By Janelle Harb Features Editor The pit is in place and the guy-liner has been applied for the final show of the semester for Little Theatre, American Idiot.  American Idiot is a musical based off of the original concept album of the same name by punk-rock legends, Green Day.  The show begins with three friends, Johnny, Will, and … [Read more...]

Graduated Griffins: Jason Gordon, ’01 & ‘07

By Amanda Weber Features Contributor Alumna Jason Gordon attended Canisius College for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. As a Canisius undergrad, he chose to major in Business Management while also picking up two minors in Human Resources and International Business. He graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business … [Read more...]

Alumnus to premiere Buffalo-based poetry magazine

By Janelle Harb Features Editor Canisius is home to a number of accomplished English and Creative Writing professors, as well as a multitude of established and published alumnae.  Joining these ranks is previous Griffin Editor-in-Chief, Aidan Ryan ’14, as co-editor of a new Buffalo-based poetry magazine, Foundlings.  The magazine … [Read more...]

Relay for Life hits stride at Canisius

By Sydney Bucholtz Features Contributor The annual Relay for Life event will be held at the Canisius College Koessler Athletic Center this Friday, April 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. This overnight event, which is set up by a team of volunteers, involves themed food, games, and performances from the CrescenDON’Ts and Chorale, … [Read more...]

City Spotlight: Hertel Avenue

By Becca Hartman Features Contributor As the weather is steadily climbing up, and with that sun came the desire to investigate another corner of Buffalo. This week, we take a look at the neighborhood of North Park in North Buffalo, specifically Hertel Avenue. Located a five-minute drive from Canisius, SUNY Buffalo State, and Nichols … [Read more...]

Gold is the new purple

By Sydney Bucholtz Features Contributor Whether embarking at a new college as an incoming freshman or a transfer student, it is interesting to note how each university somewhat uses mutual loathing of a respective rival as a tool to foster unity among students. Being a sophomore transfer student, I had the opportunity to observe this … [Read more...]

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