Canisius provides study abroad opportunities around the world

By CJ DiVencenzo Features Contributor One of the most anticipated experiences of college life is the opportunity to study abroad. However, it can sometimes appear to be a bit a daunting task. When should I go? Where can I go? How much will it cost? Is it worth it? Luckily for you, Canisius has a wonderful Study Abroad Office that is … [Read more...]

Alumni ‘14 premiere short film at Canisius

By Jenna Gaudino Features Contributor The Science Hall Commons bubbled with laughter as film students and community members waited for the premier of “Gym Jones.” The smell of popcorn filled the air. It was the perfect end to a meager Monday. The short film, produced by Canisius alumni Erin Gaddi, ’14 and Chris Collins, ’14, mocks … [Read more...]

Club Spotlight: Happiness In Progress

By Sheena Segun-Oye Features Contributor Do you get by every day with the struggle that comes with college? Are you familiar with just getting by each day - forcing yourself to put one foot in front of another, fighting through hurdles while crying, cursing, and living? Maybe you’ve had outward smiles and inward screams … [Read more...]

Buffalo Eats: Aguacates Mexican Bar & Grill

By Steph Wetzel Features Contributor Aguacates Mexican Bar & Grill is a new restaurant on Elmwood Avenue, relatively close to a Yotality. It is also around other nice cafes, such as Squeeze Juicery. The food there includes typical Mexican food with prices that range from $10 to $30. It is a family-oriented restaurant with … [Read more...]

Former Griffin dreams big as Miss New York

By Joe Kraus Features Contributor   If there was one word to describe Gabrielle Walter, it would be “dreamer.” Not only did her dream come true when she was named Miss New York earlier this year, but Walter has also helped children discover their own dreams through her DreamUp America program.  “It’s great to see these … [Read more...]

City Spotlight: Theater and poetry join forces in a modern adaptation

By Abby Wojcik Assistant Features Editor Justin Karcher and Carly Weiser set out to combine two seemingly different art forms together by hosting the second event of its kind: Flip the Script: Buffalo Actors Reading Buffalo Poets, Vol. Two. Justin Karcher, ‘07, is a playwright and poet and Carly Weiser is the resident stage … [Read more...]

Familiar Faces of Canisius: Deacon Gary

By Eisa Hashmi and Steph Wetzel Features Contributors Deacon Gary Andelora dreamed of being a teacher after shadowing his ninth grade teacher and to this day, he intends on being back in a classroom. He became a deacon when he was assigned as a chaplain to Women’s and Children’s Hospital. His daughter Hilary, an employee at Canisius, … [Read more...]

SPB plans for another successful and fun-filled Fall Fest

By Sydney Bucholtz Features Editor With 20-percent of the fall semester already completed, the preparations for the Canisius Student Programming Board’s annual Fall Fest is underway. On Saturday, September 23 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., SPB will be hosting the event in the Quad behind Old Main. From zip lining, pumpkin decorating, … [Read more...]

“It” and “Mother!” give early fall scares as Halloween creeps up

By CJ DiVencenzo Features Contributor  Last weekend kicked off the Halloween season at the box office with Warner Bros.’ much anticipated release of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It. This is the second major release of King’s massive novel. The predecessor, being a 1990 TV movie starring Tim Curry, has a somewhat nostalgic … [Read more...]

A complete review of five of the summer’s top concerts

By Adam Duke Assistant Sports Editor Chance the Rapper – 5/31 On May 31, Chance the Rapper kicked off the concert season at Darien Lake in Darien Center, NY as part of his Spring 2017 tour. Chance brought energy throughout the night, starting by riding out on a minibike and performing “Mixtape.” He continued through the set, … [Read more...]

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