Mission 100 Days: Making myself happen

Robin Burns Opinion Contributor Robin Burns is a Creative Writing and Communication Studies dual major. Throughout her time here at Canisius she has been involved with Little Theatre, bringing all different sorts of characters to life with her humor and charm. She is also involved with the Griff Center through her work study … [Read more...]

Mission 100 Days: How a catholic college influenced a future protestant pastor

Kathryn MacConnell Opinion Contributor Kathryn MacConnell is a third-year student in the Digital Media Arts program, who will graduate early in May 2019. MacConnell has participated in several programs during her time at Canisius, including the internship programs through Campus Ministry and the Communications Department, the … [Read more...]

The Griffin Goes Back: From ahead of the curve to behind the pack

By Emily Smith Assistant Opinion Editor This article is part of The Griffin Goes Back, which is a series dedicated to considering Opinion (once called “Viewpoint”) articles from years past and interpreting the same subject now. Ultimately, the goal of this series is to consider the many ways in which either our campus or our culture … [Read more...]

From better to best: Canisius’ LGBTQ resources struggle to maintain lead

Elizabeth Sawka Opinion Contributor On March 27th, I journeyed to Washington, D.C. with equal parts excitement and exhaustion to attend the IgnatianQ Conference at Georgetown University.  IgnatianQ is an LGBTQ & Ally conference for the gay-straight alliances of Jesuit institutions of higher education aimed at engaging in … [Read more...]

My ideal USA candidate

By Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor As election season for next year’s senators for sophomore, junior, and senior classes comes to a close, I find myself in a state of exciting uncertainty: while I have absolutely no idea as to which individuals will represent each class for the 2015-2016 academic year at the time of writing … [Read more...]

“I’m not a rapist, I don’t need sexual assault awareness”

By Kristen Warner Opinion Contributor “I’m not a rapist, I don’t need Sexual Assault Awareness.” This was said to me, not once, but twice by two students at Canisius. Today, I was working a table in the library for the “Know the Line” campaign currently being run by the Undergraduate Student Association as part of Sexual Assault … [Read more...]

Who’s team are they on anyway?

By Darby Ratliff Opinion Editor In October, I traveled to Jersey City for an Alpha Sigma Nu conference. My first experience organizing travel for a club (if you could call it that, considering that I was the only one), I flew in and out of the Newark LIberty International Airport, where I would meet the President of Boston … [Read more...]

The election we deserve, not the election we need

By Meg Cook Opinion Contributor This past Tuesday, the Undergraduate Student Association Senate passed an amendment to its bylaws regarding the extracurricular involvement of USA Executive Board members. The alteration requires that members of the USA Executive Board do not sit on any other student organization’s Executive Board. … [Read more...]

Senior Ball: Why is it so expensive?

Dearest Seniors, Most of my friends are seniors. Thus, we can resonate with this simple question: Why the hell is senior ball so damn expensive? Upon receiving the email from Student Life earlier this week, there was hope. Disney? All right, we can work with that theme. That should be good. Reading through the outline of … [Read more...]

The lack of Honors benefits: A retention issue

by Darby Ratliff Future Opinion Editor As registration for rising seniors draws near, I decide to sign up for yet another All-College Honors class. I will be filling the Literature requirement for the third time over and following through once more on why I was attracted to the program in the first place: its classes. However, the … [Read more...]

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