Editorial: Global Warming Is No Longer A Problem For Future Generations. Its A Problem For Us.

Editorial Staff Last week, on the eighth of October, 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a Special Report on the impacts of Global Warming. According to the report, the Earth can only warm by 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels before we, and the rest of our planet’s inhabitants, begin to … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Smoke-Free Resolution: A Multi-Faceted Issue

Editorial Staff This past week, the Senate was to take a vote on the recent Smoke-Free Resolution, an initiative to make Canisius a smoke-free college campus. However, after nearly half an hour of deliberation, they chose to table the issue. In the opinion of The Griffin, this decision was for good reason. On the surface, the … [Read more...]

Editorial: An Argument For Outside Hires

Editorial Staff This time last week, as we were all waking up and picking up (and hopefully browsing through) The Griffin, President Hurley was sending out an email to announce the Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and the Interim Director of the Griff Center. On Oct. 3, Dr. Anne-Marie Dobies will take over the position of … [Read more...]

Editorial: Preventing suicide takes more than just a day

Editorial Staff This past Monday, Sept. 10, was World Suicide Prevention Day. We at The Griffin know that suicide is an extremely difficult topic to talk about. We also know that it is an important topic to talk about, as it affects more people than you may realize. According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die by … [Read more...]

Editorial: How to Hold the Catholic Church Accountable

Editorial Staff We at The Griffin are sure you’ve all read President Hurley’s statement on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. One of the first things Hurley mentions in his statement is that he needed time to collect his thoughts. We at The Griffin are still collecting our thoughts as well. Unfortunate as it is, sexual … [Read more...]

Editorial: Balancing finals and finances

The Editorial Board It’s a rough time of the semester, Hell Week Part I Don’t Even Know Anymore, and We at The Griffin know that money concerns don’t make this time of year any easier. We’re all just trying to crank out a final paper or two for every class, turn in any assignments we saved for the last minute, and prepare for our … [Read more...]

Editorial: Critics of the late Barbara Bush ask: How far is too far?

The Editorial Board Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, died on Tuesday after years of battling with various illnesses. She spent most of her life in the political spotlight as she was the wife of one president and the mother of another. While she was both loved and hated for her candor and her fierce loyalty, few people have actively … [Read more...]

Editorial: Viewing disability as identity, rather than tragedy

The Editorial Board In our society, having a disability is frequently met with pity. We at The Griffin would like to challenge you to re-evaluate how you view a person with a disability.Having a disability, whether a physical disability or a learning disability, is challenging..But, having a disability does not keep someone from … [Read more...]

Editorial: Is it time to leave Facebook?

By the Editorial Board   If you’ve spent any time online (which is pretty hard to avoid in this day and age), then you’ve seen your fair share of online ads. Often these ads are weirdly relevant. For instance, if you searched something on Google recently, next thing you know, you’ll see an ad about it. One website’s ads have … [Read more...]

Editorial: Why are we so apathetic?

By the Editorial Board Apathy (n.): lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. As a leader of a student organization on campus, you likely have seen this rear its ugly head on your student organization(s). Attendance at general body meetings is down. When your student organization hosts events on-campus, attendance is, unsurprisingly, … [Read more...]

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