Editorial 4/28: A semester in review: It can only go up from here

By the Editorial Board Well, everyone, here we are at the end of another semester right here in the hub of Buffalo, N.Y. We don’t know about all of you, but here at The Griffin, we agree that these past couple of months have been some of the hardest of our lives, both academically and personally. Despite being different years and … [Read more...]

Editorial 4/21: College students need to be pushed to make smart choices while driving

By the Editorial Board In the wake of the lethal car accident that occurred on Sunday, April 9, The Griffin is saddened by the result of this preventable accident. Although the case is currently still under investigation, the cause of this accident makes us reflect on many of the irresponsible behaviors exhibited by college students … [Read more...]

Believe survivors, change the culture: The importance of sexual assault awareness month

The Editorial Board April is sexual assault awareness month and for Canisius students, this month means acknowledging where the campus has made progress and pondering how we could be better. Over the past few years, Canisius has made dramatic changes to how they handle sexual assault cases and how sexual and dating violence are … [Read more...]

Editorial 2/10: Taking the next steps

Editorial Board In last week’s edition of The Griffin, our Editorial Board published an editorial entitled “Men and women for themselves,” calling into question administration’s silence about President Donald Trump’s executive order, titled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” This document, … [Read more...]

Editorial: Don’t turn your back on the ballot

By Alexis Book Opinion Editor If you predicted voter turnout based off of the number of angry, political posts on social media, you would probably assume that there was a record number of voters going out to cast their ballot. However, across the board, that is furthest from the truth. The New York State primary has come and gone as … [Read more...]

Editorial: The end of semester stretch: Giving to Canisius and to others

Tonight, Colleges against Cancer will host its 10th annual Relay for Life in the Koessler Athletic Center. As of this writing, the cause has already raised $9,054.04, with more to be raised at the event itself. There are 43 teams registered, and, unsurprisingly, CAC’s own team leads the charge with over a $1,000 donated to the … [Read more...]

Editorial: The strategic plan: Canisius’ future boiled down to few pages

It’s hard to believe that the future of Canisius College as we view it today can be boiled down to just a few pages through the creation and articulation of the strategic plan for the institution. Outlined in terms of our mission, values, promise, vision, and goals and objectives, the strategic plan becomes a means of assessing where … [Read more...]

Our very own Super Friday: U.S.A. Executive Board elections underway

For some, it’s easy to tell that it’s election season just by going on Timehop, with retweeted and shared campaign pleas queuing up as a virtual voting history. With the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Student Association Executive Board election cycle beginning, next year’s Timehop will be crowded with this year’s candidates. With four of … [Read more...]

Editorial: Canisius College: 1870 – ?

Welcome, welcome, to another year! We here in The Griffin’s Nest can’t let you escape our first issue without saying that we haven’t seen you since last year! On the off chance that your New Year’s resolution was to read this ye olde paper, then it’s less of a pun, so please take it sincerely. On the likelihood that you read us last … [Read more...]

Editorial: USA Sustainability Policy catches Canisius up with other colleges and universities

On Tuesday night, the Undergraduate Student Association Senate crowded together in the confines of Science Hall and approved the Sustainability Committee’s policy brief. The brief included an introduction to the issue, incorporation of the topic into the College’s strategic plan, logistics, costs, recommendations, information on the … [Read more...]

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