Opinion: How the first 10 presidents would have handled midterms

By Francesca McKernon Opinion Contributor Midterms are a tumultuous and trying time for all students in the collegiate world. During this time, Tears for Fears is no longer an 80s band, but a reality for most as they nervously try to memorize powerpoints of important dead people. The library is overflowing, as students who haven’t … [Read more...]

Editorial: Why are we so apathetic?

By the Editorial Board Apathy (n.): lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. As a leader of a student organization on campus, you likely have seen this rear its ugly head on your student organization(s). Attendance at general body meetings is down. When your student organization hosts events on-campus, attendance is, unsurprisingly, … [Read more...]

Opinion: Stephen Hawking: A Man Worthy of Immortalization

By Branwyn Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor This week we lost one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever known. Stephen Hawking was best known for his big bang theory, showing the universe had a beginning, and his book, A Brief History of Time, and, of course, for accomplishing all of this while living with ALS, a … [Read more...]

Opinion: Why the Olympics are so important

By Janelle Harb Editor-in-Chief By now, the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea have come and gone. There were historic wins, historic losses, and hundreds of medals served to deserving athletes. As a fan of figure skating, I look forward to the Winter Olympics more so than its Summer counterpart. That’s not to say … [Read more...]

Editorial: International Women’s Day highlights powerful women in a tumultuous time

By The Editorial Board Thursday was International Women’s Day, one of the very fews days during the year that women get even a fraction of the love that they deserve. Social media was flooded with posts by mostly women telling other women how much they love and respect them. Even a few men chimed in and posted pictures of their moms … [Read more...]

Opinion: How nudity and sexuality gain more likes on Instagram

By Francesca McKernon Opinion Contributor Social media platforms that center around visual images like Instagram have given rise to entire celebrity empires with large followings. One celebrity that has “broken the internet” more than once with her partial nude selfies is Kim Kardashian. With over 108 million followers and an … [Read more...]

Opinion: To limit or not to limit?

By Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor Term limits have been viewed differently across different sovereign states. Many Western states, largely located in Western Europe, do not have them for certain positions, like the Chancellorship in West Germany. Others, like the United States, have enacted them for positions roughly … [Read more...]

Opinion: Mission Hundred Days: Day 75

By Connor Rosenecker Opinion Contributor So my supposition is that we’re on like 75 days remaining now? Well, if that’s the case, 100 days was a full 25 days ago already (seems like it was 25 minutes), and we seniors have only three more turns of those 25 minute-seeming segments left. For all of you, who’re enthralled in the last of … [Read more...]

Opinion: Hey, here’s to you, California airports: A narrative on why connecting flights are the worst

By Adam Duke Copy Editor This past weekend, the younger editors of The Griffin staff attended a conference in Long Beach, Calif. At the conference, we received ideas and tips from professional journalists, advisers, and fellow student journalists from around the country. We enjoyed our free time by attending an Anaheim Ducks game … [Read more...]

Opinion: What we learned in California

By Branwyn Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor If you’ve made it this far into this week’s issue of The Griffin, chances are you have at least a minor interest in journalism. Or at least a minor interest in reading the high quality journalistic content we at The Griffin deliver right to your door every week. Or maybe you’ve just been … [Read more...]

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