How are you, Germany?

By Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor On 23 September 2017, German federal elections were held. All seats in the German parliament, or “Bundestag,” were up for re-election. Through a mixed-member proportional system, in which each voter votes for an electoral district similar to the United States as well as a political party, … [Read more...]

The DMV and service to non-English speakers

By Margaret Treichler Opinion Contributor This article was previously published in the 9 August 2017 edition of The Public as a Letter to the Editor. The Public is a popular Western New York newspaper and media source. About a week ago, I accompanied my boyfriend to the Erie County DMV. Having come from the much smaller city of … [Read more...]

Taking a stand… sort of

By Adam Duke Assistant Sports Editor “Stick to sports.” It’s the saying that people, regardless of political beliefs, like to cling to when sports players or analysts get “too political” by arguing a topic that those people think should only be discussed by politicians. It’s not the sports world’s place to comment on politics. The … [Read more...]

Editorial 9/29: “Either you have a seat at the table or you’re on the menu”: Co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington talk about trust and justice

By the Editorial Board This past Tuesday, Canisius welcomed two of the co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington, and the co-presidents of the newly formed Women’s March 501(c)(4) nonprofit social and political advocacy organization. Dr. Erin Robinson of Canisius’ Sociology and Environmental Studies department introduced Tamika … [Read more...]

Everyone is an artist

By Abby Wojcik Assistant Features Editor I am disheartened when I hear phrases such as “I’m not an artist” or “I’m not creative” because I believe that everyone is an artist in some respect. This kind of mindset stems from how the arts are poorly established in schools everywhere. From the experience of someone who attended public … [Read more...]

The “Noble” Nobel Prize

By Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor In recent weeks, Myanmar has been in the news for unsavory reasons. A group of Muslim people known as the Rohingya have experienced heightened tensions amounting to ethnic cleansing. People are repeatedly forced out of their homes, their futures unknown. Some are murdered. Others flee to … [Read more...]

Rightsizing: A necessary annoyance?

By Branwyn M. Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor Change sucks. This is an opinion so many people hold, it might as well be a fact. Change sucks, and that’s what’s going on here at Canisius this semester. “Rightsizing” has been a buzzword in both issues of The Griffin so far, as well as across campus. But what is it, exactly? … [Read more...]

Malala, Champion of Education and UB

By Francesca McKernon Opinion Contributor This Tuesday, the University at Buffalo welcomed girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai as the first speaker of their Distinguished Speaker Series of 2018-2019. Having Malala as a speaker was an extremely incredible opportunity as she was the youngest Nobel Prize Laureate in history at … [Read more...]

Editorial 9/22: It’s not the end of the world, it’s science

By the Editorial Board On Tuesday, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck Mexico just south of Mexico City, killing upwards of 250 people. This death toll is expected to rise still as the rescue efforts continue throughout the week. Less than two weeks ago, an 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, killing dozens and … [Read more...]

Kiss body autonomy goodbye

By Francesca Gugino Opinion Contributor Sexual assault on college campuses is a problem that haunts our society and cripples bright minds- making young women and men powerless and strpping them of their body autonomy. For the past decade or so, colleges have been adopted policies to curb this issue and to enlighten students about how … [Read more...]

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