Editorial 4/28: A semester in review: It can only go up from here

By the Editorial Board Well, everyone, here we are at the end of another semester right here in the hub of Buffalo, N.Y. We don’t know about all of you, but here at The Griffin, we agree that these past couple of months have been some of the hardest of our lives, both academically and personally. Despite being different years and … [Read more...]

We may be able to take medical leave, but do they want us back?

By Callie Keavey Opinion Contributor This past fall, I had to make one of the hardest decisions a student can make: to take a medical leave. On September 8, I started to have a pain near my right hip. I assumed it wasn’t anything too serious and went about my day. But when I woke up the next morning, I could barely make the walk from … [Read more...]

On the value of opinion

By Branwyn Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor What if we could teach a computer to write news stories? Think of the bulk of content that could be created and how much could be shaved off of timing. In this fast-paced world, we have come to expect up to date information at our fingertips in a flash. Well, what if I told you we … [Read more...]

Never stop the discussion: Mental health

By Adam Duke Assistant Sports Editor Earlier this year, fellow Griffin editors and close friends Emily Smith and Becca Hartman wrote articles on mental health, titled, “Breaking the silence: Mental health” and “Continuing the conversation: Mental health,” in which they discussed their personal stories and advocated for mental health … [Read more...]

Defeating pre-Commencement depression

By Alexis Book Opinion Editor Emeritus   1460 days – over 35,000 real-time hours, 120 credit hours, and not enough hours left. Any senior will tell you that graduation is bittersweet. As the year ends and we attend award ceremonies and finish typing up assignments that have consumed our lives for so long, there is a sense of … [Read more...]

How Canisius stays gold in a “dog eat dog world”

By Conor Shea Opinion Contributor In an earlier issue of The Buffalo News, Canisius’ very own Dr. Bob Butler wrote an article about how times have changed in Buffalo and the United States in general. Butler wrote about how we as a culture have shifted from a group mentality to a more individualistic one. And for the most part, I can … [Read more...]

The MUD issue: Tradition taken too far?

By Caitlin McHugh Online Content Editor In the current world of journalism, it is more important than ever for journalists to recognize the powerful impact of their writing. The Dalai Lama once said that “indirectly, writers have the power to create the happiness or the unhappiness of millions of beings.”  With the current reputation … [Read more...]

Coachella: A reminder to stop taking selfies

By Branwyn Wilkinson Opinion Contributor Coachella. The huge festival held annually in the California desert attracts anybody who’s anybody and has been hailed as setting the style trends for the Spring and Summer seasons. Indeed, my Snapchat and Instagram have been polluted all week with festival fashions and makeup trends and how … [Read more...]

Editorial 4/21: College students need to be pushed to make smart choices while driving

By the Editorial Board In the wake of the lethal car accident that occurred on Sunday, April 9, The Griffin is saddened by the result of this preventable accident. Although the case is currently still under investigation, the cause of this accident makes us reflect on many of the irresponsible behaviors exhibited by college students … [Read more...]

Believe survivors, change the culture: The importance of sexual assault awareness month

The Editorial Board April is sexual assault awareness month and for Canisius students, this month means acknowledging where the campus has made progress and pondering how we could be better. Over the past few years, Canisius has made dramatic changes to how they handle sexual assault cases and how sexual and dating violence are … [Read more...]

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