Opinion: About the practice of “snacking” and saving the planet

By Jorge Alvarez Rodriguez Opinion Contributor         Snacking has become, for most of us, something of a daily sacrament. Between big meals, we sometimes allow ourselves to enjoy the heavenly pleasure of a small piece of our favorite treat to alleviate the discomfort of an empty stomach.         The practice of snacking can … [Read more...]

Opinion: Mission Hundred Days: Day 22

Grace Horner Opinion Contributor We were all challenged not long ago by a fellow member of the class of 2018, Andrea Kraft, to reflect on our time at Canisius. So, as the final days to graduation quickly ticked down, I decided that I had better rise up to her challenge and figure out what my Canisius experience has done for me. My … [Read more...]

Editorial: Balancing finals and finances

The Editorial Board It’s a rough time of the semester, Hell Week Part I Don’t Even Know Anymore, and We at The Griffin know that money concerns don’t make this time of year any easier. We’re all just trying to crank out a final paper or two for every class, turn in any assignments we saved for the last minute, and prepare for our … [Read more...]

Opinion: With a poem in my pocket and love in my heart

By Emily Smith Opinion Editor Yesterday was National Poem in Your Pocket Day, one of my favorite days ever. In all honesty, I only heard about it, well, yesterday when a friend wished me a happy PIYP Day by pulling a poem out of her pocket. Go figure. As I read the poem she gave me (Beyond Love by Emma Bolden), I realized how lucky … [Read more...]

Opinion: Dispelling your medical cannabis myths

Anonymous So, it’s 4/20, and while many people will be out there using cannabis for less-than-medicinal purposes, I know that a lot of other people will also suddenly become “advocates” for medical cannabis, which is also referred to medical marijuana or MMJ. Please don’t become a champion for something that you do not know enough … [Read more...]

Opinion: Why we all need to talk about race

Branwyn Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor Ignatian Scholarship day is, in my opinion, one of the best days of Spring semester. Many students use the day to show off what they’ve been working on all semester and we all get the opportunity to learn from our peers, which for most is a welcome change from listening to professors . And … [Read more...]

Opinion: We’re all addicted (to technology)

Francesca McKernon Opinion Contributor When we hear the word ‘addiction’ or addict we often think of the worst case scenario, which includes a general description of a homeless, disheveled person appearing nervous or jittery. While we are very quick to stereotype addicts, we are also victims of addiction through technology. Most … [Read more...]

Opinion: About Elections

Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor Election time for USA has hit us, and it has hit us hard. Students vying for positions on the USA E-Board and the six Senate seats allocated to each class has begun, and, for the USA E-Board, concluded. We have seen many a poster telling us to vote for one person or another. We have seen many a … [Read more...]

Editorial: Critics of the late Barbara Bush ask: How far is too far?

The Editorial Board Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, died on Tuesday after years of battling with various illnesses. She spent most of her life in the political spotlight as she was the wife of one president and the mother of another. While she was both loved and hated for her candor and her fierce loyalty, few people have actively … [Read more...]

Opinion: What makes a good professor?

By Francesca McKernon Opinion Contributor What makes a teacher or professor good? Or rather, effective in the lives of their students? This question seems to be the center of many arguments among students when choosing classes for the upcoming semester. Unfortunately, the comments we hear the most are negative ones like, “That … [Read more...]

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