Canisius balances “sunsetting” academic programs Changing student body results in programs being cut and created  

Cameron Lareva News Editor The college is currently “teaching out” multiple undergraduate and graduate programs that are costing more than they benefit. Undergraduate programs such as music, art history, bioinformatics, German and French, as well as graduate level programs such as the master’s in deaf education are all being phased … [Read more...]

Canisius students seek to address migratory bird deaths

Emyle Watkins Managing Editor During the Undergraduate Student Association’s Town Hall meeting with President John J. Hurley earlier this semester, on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, a question caught many by surprise. "Forest Lawn is an important migratory stop and there are a group of students interested in creating some sort of … [Read more...]

Canisius celebrates Griffmas: SPB revamps Christmas in the Quad event

Jenna French News Reporter Canisius’ annual holiday event has undergone some changes under Jovany Jimenez, the special event coordinator of the Student Programming Board (SPB). Last year, he was granted this position and went to work right away on this event by changing the name from Christmas in the Quad to Griffmas. Jimenez said … [Read more...]

Only in the City of Good Neighbors: Local sixth grader helps Canisius student with his damaged car

Abby Wojcik Features Editor Senior baseball player Andrew Sipowicz had his car damaged this past Monday, November 19. While he was parked on Blaine Avenue, his car was hit by a school bus that damaged his front driver side fender. Sipowicz’s unfortunate situation went viral on Twitter when he posted the note that was left on his … [Read more...]

Rowing team moves training space

Nolan Hopkins Assistant News Editor The Canisius women’s rowing team has found a new place to train as they have had their practice location changed from the basement of Science Hall to Demerly Hall this semester. The space beneath Science Hall, coined the “Griff Cave” by members of the crew team, has been the team’s dryland … [Read more...]

Canisius’ Unwanted Guests: Students and staff frustrated with fly problem on campus

Jenna French News Reporter Currently, flies are buzzing around Canisius College throughout the tunnels, dorms and academic buildings, and students and staff are not happy about it. The housekeeping manager, Jodel Woods, said that there are three different types of flies trying to make their home here at Canisius. One type is the … [Read more...]

“Let Emily be herself:” A story in six parts

From left to right, Grace Hausladen, Emily Scheck, Justyna Wilkinson. By Mike Pesarchick Copy EditorIt has been a tumultuous three months for Canisius’ Emily Scheck. Disowned by her parents for her sexual orientation and left with almost nothing to her name, Scheck’s friends created a GoFundMe, which has attracted national … [Read more...]

Water leaks in library causes $7,000 in replacement fees for books lost

Jenna French Griffin Contributor Throughout the semester, the Canisius community might have noticed that down some of the aisles that shelf the books on the upper floor of the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library have experienced water damage. The damage can be seen on some of the tiles on the ceiling that have turned brown and on … [Read more...]

Sustainable Thanksgiving

Cameron Lareva News Editor Project Conservation club and the USA Sustainability committee co-hosted the annual Sustainable Thanksgiving on Thursday night. The event was free and open to all students. It was hosted in Palisano and provided a wide selection of plant based options that are also sustainable foods. The … [Read more...]

Students becoming frustrated over poor Wifi quality

Michael Berg Assistant News Editor Whether it is attributed to declining enrollment or a lack of funding, it is becoming more and more evident to the student body that the quality of life at Canisius is slowly diminishing. However, the general student population is consistently disappointment with the poor quality of its WiFi … [Read more...]

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