USA President and VP discuss goals for the year to come

Sarah Sterzinger Griffin Reporter With a new academic year, a new era of Senate is ushered in. Seniors Amelia Greenan and Katie Parker lead the pack as President and Vice President, respectively, for the 2017-2018 year.  As with all Senate leaders of the past, these two have their own goals to lead the Undergraduate Student … [Read more...]

Former Griffin dreams big as Miss New York

By Joe Kraus Features Contributor   If there was one word to describe Gabrielle Walter, it would be “dreamer.” Not only did her dream come true when she was named Miss New York earlier this year, but Walter has also helped children discover their own dreams through her DreamUp America program.  “It’s great to see these … [Read more...]

QPR training comes to Canisius

By Rebecca Brandel News Co-Editor The Canisius College Counseling Center is sponsoring QPR training in Old Main on October 16, from 2p.m. to 3:30p.m. Upon first glance, QPR sounds similar to CPR, and while both are health training, QPR training is for a different kind of health that often goes unrecognized, but is just as … [Read more...]

Rightsizing: A necessary annoyance?

By Branwyn M. Wilkinson Assistant Opinion Editor Change sucks. This is an opinion so many people hold, it might as well be a fact. Change sucks, and that’s what’s going on here at Canisius this semester. “Rightsizing” has been a buzzword in both issues of The Griffin so far, as well as across campus. But what is it, exactly? … [Read more...]

Admissions Director describes strategies to counter enrollment “depression”

By Nathan Ress Managing Editor In its 15 September publication, The Griffin looked into the effect lower enrollment numbers are having on Canisius professors and available funds. This week, this issue will be delved into further as The Griffin identifies underlying causes of declining enrollment and what is being done about … [Read more...]

Canisius responds to end of DACA with undocumented student training, informational sessions

By Amanda Weber Griffin Reporter On September 5, 2017, President Donald Trump announced a plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, more commonly known as DACA. This policy was developed and put into action under the Obama administration in 2012. According to the website for the United States Citizenship and … [Read more...]

Malala Yousafzai, girl’s education activist and Nobel Laureate, speaks to sold-out crowd

By Nathan Ress Managing Editor This past Tuesday, 19 September, the University at Buffalo kicked off its 31st annual Distinguished Speakers lecture series by welcoming activist Malala Yousafzai to the Alumni Arena. Yousafzai is the tenth Nobel Laureate to speak at the series, following such figures as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the … [Read more...]

City Spotlight: Theater and poetry join forces in a modern adaptation

By Abby Wojcik Assistant Features Editor Justin Karcher and Carly Weiser set out to combine two seemingly different art forms together by hosting the second event of its kind: Flip the Script: Buffalo Actors Reading Buffalo Poets, Vol. Two. Justin Karcher, ‘07, is a playwright and poet and Carly Weiser is the resident stage … [Read more...]

Professors accept retirement package as College looks to “rightsize”

By Nathan Ress Managing Editor Over the past few years, Canisius College has been experiencing something of a perfect storm of trends which are catching up to the school this year and forcing it to take action. There are many factors leading into this storm, and the college is taking a great deal of action, but the bottom line is … [Read more...]

Campus Ministry’s Winter Service Week Trips 2017-2018

By Michael Berg Griffin Reporter Because Canisius College is a Catholic, Jesuit institution, it seems fitting that the Canisius community should give back to those in need. Those looking for opportunities for acting in good faith can do so through Campus Ministry’s Service Immersion Program, where its participants are “intentionally … [Read more...]

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