A record-setting day for Griffs in home opener

By Marshall Haim Sports Editor Isaiah Reese dedicated Saturday's game against Youngstown State to a friend who had passed away earlier this week. And what a game Reese had. The sophomore recorded the first triple-double in Canisius' men's basketball history, scoring 23 points, hauling in 11 rebounds and earning 11 assists for the … [Read more...]

Griffs to host Penguins in home opener Saturday

By Nolan Hopkins Sports Reporter The men’s basketball team welcomes the Youngstown State Penguins to the Koessler Athletic Center tomorrow night at 7 p.m. for the team’s home opener. The Griffs squared off against the Penguins last season, which turned out to be a high scoring 90-84 win for the Griffs. Even though both teams have … [Read more...]

Australia, you’re doing amazing, sweetie

By Nathan Baumgartner Opinion Contributor The recognition of all segments of the LGBT+ community through their rights to get married to members of the same sex, identify as how they feel on the inside despite that identity not being reflected on the outside and adopt children the same way heterosexual couples can, has been slow. … [Read more...]

The forgotten fall holiday

By Branwyn Wilkinson Assistant Features Editor What’s the next holiday? Silly question, I know. It’s Christmas, obviously. Just ask Tumblr, or any millennial. There are two major holidays every fall semester, and they last the entire semester. The season (not the day, the season) of Halloween begins as soon as school starts, and … [Read more...]

The digital divide

By Francesca Gugino Opinion Contributor With all of the information we could ever need at our fingertips, technology has become one of the greatest and most prominent part of the education system today. Our generation attended elementary and secondary school during the increase of implementation of technology in the classroom. Some … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about sex, baby

By Francesca McKernon   Opinion Contributor It’s in magazines, TV shows, the fashion industry, music, and society in general. Whether you’re checking out at the grocery store and see a magazine’s “40 Best Sex Moves!” or Nicki Minaj’s notorious “Anaconda” music video, or a Game of Thrones spontaneous sex scene, sex is virtually … [Read more...]

To you, with love

By Amanda Popovski Opinion Contributor I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now. I’m sure you’ve seen people with waffle-fry-shaped crosses hanging around their necks, over sweaters and under hoodies, perhaps more so than usual as of late. Kairos 58 just wrapped up this past Sunday, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. As you may … [Read more...]

Editorial 11/17: Sexual assault is about power: Louis C.K. agrees as he admits to sexual misconduct allocations

By the Editorial Board Finally, after so many men accused of sexual assault and misconduct, one man owns up to his mistakes right away. A week ago on Friday on Nov. 9, Louis C.K. released a statement confirming the allegations against him. These reports, released on just a day before his statement, outlined multiple stories from five … [Read more...]

Canisius: Manufacturing marketable students efficiently

By Lydia Beinhauer Opinion Contributor It is the job of Canisius College, as a liberal arts college, to educate its students.  I, a student, as well as many others, feel as though the school is moving its priorities away from true education and is therefore failing at its job. We have the privilege to receive an education at a time … [Read more...]

You could be Royal

By CJ DiVencenzo Features Contributor  Ever wonder about being on stage? Have any hidden talents that you’re wishing to share with the world? Then you should consider applying for Canisius Royals, the annual talent show sponsored by RHA.  “Participating in Canisius Royals was great experience last year,” said Anna Kubiak (‘19), who … [Read more...]

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