Editorial Statement on the April 26 article by Maximus

The Griffin respects the rights of students to freely express their reasoned positions and perspectives through our Opinion section. As editors, understanding and acknowledging intent versus perception of articles we publish goes into our editorial process.

All columns, letters, artwork and advertisements (excluding “View from The Griffin’s Nest”) represent the opinions of their authors and are not necessarily representative of The Griffin’s position. The opinions expressed in the newspaper are not necessarily those of Canisius College or its student body.

Although it is rare for a newspaper to publish anonymous articles, The Griffin has honored the writer’s request to publish as “Maximus” because of specific personal concerns the writer brought to our attention. Going forward, we are working with Maximus to provide contact details and to re-evaluate their byline in the paper. At this time, we welcome and encourage responses to Maximus’ article, which can be sent to thegrffn@canisius.edu. Our ethical code states that we only “reserve anonymity for sources who may face danger, retribution or other harm.”

The Griffin is a collection of student writers, reporters, columnists, editors, photographers, and designers. We seek to be a voice for students on campus through the reporting we do, but also through allowing open submission of opinion articles by any member of the campus community. We hope to be a place of learning and growth for all members of our organization, of whom are part of various degree programs across the college. We encourage feedback and appreciate constructive criticism on the work we do.

The April 26 Opinion story by Maximus was removed from our website and social media at the request of the writer.

Please feel free to email thegrffn@canisius.edu with any feedback, questions or comments. You are also welcome to submit Letters to the Editor or Opinion articles to Opinion Editor Francesca McKernon at mckernof@my.canisius.edu.

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