Rowing team moves training space

Nolan Hopkins

Assistant News Editor

The Canisius women’s rowing team has found a new place to train as they have had their practice location changed from the basement of Science Hall to Demerly Hall this semester.

The space beneath Science Hall, coined the “Griff Cave” by members of the crew team, has been the team’s dryland training area since the program was first introduced in 2011.

However, with the emergence of the school’s new Physician’s Assistant program that is set to begin Fall 2019, the crew team was lifted from their spot in the Griff Cave to make way for an anatomy lab.

According to Athletic Director Bill Maher, “When they were over in science hall, that space was great for us, but it was also always a conversation of, as science hall evolved and as the build out continued we would likely have to find somewhere else for the rowing team to go. So it was never a permanent solution for our rowing program. We were very fortunate to have [the space] for as long as we did.”

In the last year, initial plans were in place to give the rowing program a training space in the Koessler Athletic Center by vacating a number of classrooms to give the team an adequate space. In the proposed plans, the displaced faculty members would move their classes to Science Hall. However, concern within the faculty has pushed those talks back until next fall, according to Maher.

According to Bridget Brogan, a sophomore on the rowing team, their former Griff Cave was home to 20-30 ergs (rowing machines), a number of stationary bikes and a rowing simulator, called a “swingulator.”

Demerly Hall, a former car dealership purchased by Canisius in 1999 and is situated down the street from main campus, can only hold roughly half of the team’s equipment. Also, When the time came to move the equipment to the new location, the team was promised to have assistance from the school, but did not receive any, according to Brogan.

“It’s not ideal. It was very convenient to wake up in the morning and walk across the street to Science Hall. Driving down the street is not the biggest inconvenience, and it could be worse. It’s not a great environment to work out in. It is a very dull and plain room that doesn’t get great air ventilation, and it is very compact. If it is true that we are going to get a separate space in the KAC then it will be worth the wait. But for now we’re just going to tough it out,” Brogan said.

Maher said that the rowing team moving to Demerly Hall is not a permanent solution and that they will continue to look for adequate space at the athletic center or the next best appropriate space somewhere on campus for the rowing team.



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