Students becoming frustrated over poor Wifi quality

Michael Berg

Assistant News Editor

Whether it is attributed to declining enrollment or a lack of funding, it is becoming more and more evident to the student body that the quality of life at Canisius is slowly diminishing. However, the general student population is consistently disappointment with the poor quality of its WiFi service on campus.

Canisius’ internet service is administered through a company called Apogee, which remains the largest internet service provider to higher education institutions in the United States. Apogee is also responsible for the MyResnet internet provision service in the resident halls. Unfortunately, many students have long battled a poor internet connection that inhibits their ability to do day-to-day functions.

“I think the biggest thing for me being a night owl is that you go and do anything productive at around 1 a.m. and it throttles.” says Aaron Clift, the public relations coordinator for the Canisius College Pep Band and the co-admin for FUSION Gaming Society. Clift is one of the plethora of students that are continuously being disappointed with Canisius’ WiFi.

“The connectivity in areas is  also super patchy…You can be walking down the hallway on your phone and sometime the connection will just drop. And its super patchy around FUSION, which is a gaming club that needs the internet a lot.” Clift continued.

Jordan Servos is a fellow resident and he too experiences difficulties with Canisius’ WiFi. “I’m busy during the day and for my psych class, I have MindTap and online quizzes galore, and… I don’t get a chance to actually do it officially because it takes 20 minutes longer than it should to load…”  He furthered, “…most of the classrooms, you don’t really have real WiFi. I have to disconnect and use my personal HotSpot on my phone to have any real connection for my laptop.”

Emilee Hurd, a member of the Canisius College Cheer Team, also weighed in on the criticism and shared her personal entanglements with the WiFi on campus, stating, “basically, when I’m trying to do homework, it just kind of kicks me out of websites….especially when it should be the best quality in the library.”

Servos and Clift believe that a significantly large portion of Old Main is where the worst of the poor connection takes place, while Lyons Hall, the dining hall, and some portions of Palasano Pavilion have some of the better WiFi receptions. Ironically, the computer lab in Palisano has been proven to have consistently poor internet service time and time again.

Throughout this past week, representatives from Apogee were seen in the residence halls asking students to complete a simple electronic survey asking for feedback about the quality of Canisius’ WiFi. The Undergraduate Student Association (USA)’s senior senator/ITS liaison McSteve Ezikeoha meets frequently with members of the ITS department to provide an update on technological advancements.

If students have any questions, they are encouraged to reach out to him or members of the ITS Department directly.


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