The Goo Goo Dolls Perform in Their Hometown Three Nights in a Row

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Steph Wetzel

Assistant Features Editor

The Goo Goo Dolls performed last weekend at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. Their album “Dizzy Up The Girl” was the focal point of their show and of the entire tour. They played the album from top to bottom to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The Goo Goo Dolls attract a very specific crowd. The majority of the people there were middle-aged with a very specific style including leather jackets, ripped t-shirts, gaudy jewelry and dark makeup. Coming to The Goo Goo Dolls’ show brought out the older crowd’s younger side and they were able to act like millennials for a night. They were taking selfies before the show started, and when the band entered the stage for the first time, nearly every person whipped out their phone to take pictures and record the band.

After singing a couple songs off the album, lead singer Johnny Rzeznik said a few words to the crowd. “Nice to be home again,” he said. They never fail to mention that they’re from Buffalo whenever they perform here, whether it’s at Darien Lake or another venue.

Rzeznik also pointed out that he recognized some members of the crowd. “I seen some faces that were here last night,” he said. “Thanks for coming again.”


The band again acknowledged that this was the 20th anniversary of their album “Dizzy Up The Girl.” They explained that it’s something they’re proud of because of how popular the album was and even still is. However, they said they’re sad it’s been twenty years because that just means they’re getting old.

They performed the song “Acoustic #3,” a song that Rzeznik claimed he never finished. This song reminds him of his mother and the unhealthy relationship she was in. They had violinists performing for this song. Rzeznik messed up the beginning of this song and had to start over, yet the audience cheered even louder.

They also performed a song they wrote during the recession of 2008, “NotBroken.” Whenever the band would play an older song not from the album “Dizzy Up The Girl,” they would hear the audience singing along and would thank them for remembering that song. When they performed “Iris,” Rzeznik held his microphone towards the crowd, and the crowd shouted the words perfectly.

Later into the performance, Rzeznik pointed out that he doesn’t have a lot of famous friends, particularly because he doesn’t find them to be kind people. However, he wanted to have a special guest perform with him. This “special guest” was a pre-recorded video of himself displayed on a screen. One would play the guitar while the other would sing and vice versa for a couple songs. The whole bit was ironic and meant to make fun of himself. The crowd was all about it, laughing along with Rzeznik.

They also performed some of their other hits including “So Alive” and the band’s version of a Christmas song “Better Days.” When performing “So Alive,” Rzeznik again aimed his microphone at the audience claiming he was told he’s not good at engaging with his audience. He was trying to get the audience into the song while being sarcastic about the whole situation. The audience didn’t fail to sing along, just as they didn’t fail to enjoy the entire concert.


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