Kimberly Beaty serves as the new Director of Public Safety

Michael Berg

Assistant News Editor

Kimberly L. Beaty graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies in 1986. She had previously worked with the Buffalo Police Department for three decades, serving as the Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Homeland Security.   

Prior to this, Beaty had worked as the chief of BPD’s ‘E’ District, which overlooks the well-being of the University of Buffalo, the Bailey/Kensington neighborhoods, several medical campuses, businesses, schools, and the Canisius College community itself. One of the biggest challenges she had faced while working with the BPD were community concerns from crimes homicide investigations. Beaty once recalled that “people are concerned about their loved ones. Of course we don’t want anyone to get hurt, but especially if someone loses their life, we wanted to be able to  give them some resolution like making an arrest, but from the beginning preventing one from happening.”

In addition, Beaty also served as a facilitator for Erie County Law Enforcement and spearheaded ’Strategies to Reduce Racial Profiling: Buffalo New York Police Study Circles’, a US DOJ-funded initiative in collaboration with U.B and United Neighborhoods of Buffalo.

In a press statement released earlier this year, Title IX Coordinator and VP of Student Affairs Dr. Terri Mangione commented that “Kim’s experience as chief of ‘E’ district and her expertise in community policing and diversity training, make her uniquely qualified to head the college’s Department of Public Safety and support the mission of the college… I am confident that with her leadership, Canisius will maintain our relationship with our Hamlin Park neighbors and build new relationships within the communities on the East Side of Buffalo.

When asked why she decided to become the Director of Public Safety, Beaty simply said that she had wanted to do something different with her law enforcement career, and that it “feels good” to return to her alma mater once again, and is grateful for the opportunity.

Beaty accepted the position during the late spring 2018 semester. She is the successor to the previous Director, H. Wil Johnson, who announced his retirement from the position in May 2018, after three years with the college.

Beaty had also addressed an issue regarding the lack of an appointed officer during nightly hours at the Science Hall Parking Ramp. Specifically, students felt unsafe at the lack of surveillance when making nightly trips to their vehicles or during the walk to and from the Parking Ramp. Soon, this issue was brought up during a report given by Undergraduate Student Association (USA)’s Public Safety Liaison Dwayne Melvin during their senate meeting on September 11th of this year.

During a recent meeting between Melvin and Beaty, it was revealed that the officer’s current hours prevented him from working an evening shift, but these hours will be changing in the near future to accommodate this concern.

As for her personal ambitions and potential changes she would like to bring to the campus, Beaty would like Public Safety to be more involved with the general student body, promote communication between students and officers, and work on projects and events that revolve around police-citizen interactions. Beaty stressed that “we all have to work together to make sure the environment at the college is safe. Students, faculty, and Public Safety – we can’t just do it by ourselves. We have to work together. We have to be vigilant.”

If any student feels unsafe at the college or has an idea to collaborate with Public Safety, they are highly encouraged to reach out to her via email at





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