Administration aims to increase revenue and articulation enrollment through ECC students

Cameron Lareva

News Editor

Erie Community College initially approached Canisius regarding housing for ECC athletes, as many of them were recruited from farther distances. However, Canisius is already housing a variety of ECC students that come from various distances.

There are currently 55 ECC students living in Delevan Building D for the 2017-2018 academic year. The main draw for Canisius to enter into the partnership was the opportunity for Canisius to earn revenue from the empty space in the Delavan Townhouses. There also is a plan for the students to attend ECC for two years and then matriculate into Canisius.

Canisius College updated its matriculation agreements with ECC, so that ECC students could begin to take classes at Canisius during their second year. The updated matriculation agreements sparked the conversations between ECC and Canisius regarding housing for ECC students. Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Life, Matthew Mulville, explains, “We look at this as a partnership that leads to students coming here.”

Erie Community College does not currently have housing for its students; however, they are in the process of developing plans to build housing facilities. Due to the extensive time that is required to carry out construction of residential facilities, ECC looked for Canisius to provide housing.

The Office of Student Life took on the responsibilities of housing the ECC students, as ECC has no prior experience in managing residents. Student Life matched suitemates up, provided housing contracts, provided resident assistants to aid the ECC residents and to handle any resident concerns.

Student Life also organized ECC students’ meal plans and have obtained them access to all dining locations. The ECC students have access to the Buffalo metro stops that are on campus, and a shuttle runs from the Delavan Townhouses to the downtown ECC campus on Ellicott Street.

Mulville had a meeting with ECC on Thursday, Sept. 13 to discuss expanding the partnership and housing more ECC students. Student Life cannot guarantee more housing for ECC until the office knows how many Canisius students will require on-campus housing. If there is a need for more housing, the college has considered opening up Main-Humboldt or Griffin Hall to house ECC students.  

The revenue collected from housing ECC students goes directly to Canisius College. ECC students were also required to purchase a $2,200 dollar meal plan. The increased number of users of on-campus housing and dining allows the Student Life and Dining Services departments to increase the revenue they collect.

Mulville also expressed the easy transition and integration of the ECC students into the campus community saying, “People lead me to believe that it could be tough to have your own staff aid students from another school, but the [ECC] students have been very respectful… It has been a very smooth process.”


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