Vibrant and new, Quadrangle 66 has arrived

Abby Wojcik

Features Editor

Quadrangle 66 is finally here and ready for fresh eyes to appreciate its colorful artwork, photography, poetry and prose work. This past Wednesday, the drastically new edition of Quadrangle was unveiled in Grupp to the crowd of Canisius’ literary community and supporters. Contributors and staff of the magazine were there, as well as their professors, fellow students, family, past alumni and even President Hurley; all of them curious as to what they had been working on all year. Surrounded by friends, they gathered to support the arts and share great cupcakes.

Co-Editors Nathan Ress and Jordyn Smith have been the primary forces behind Quadrangle 66. They managed everything, from the submissions and layout, to the advertising and cupcake taste-testing. With the help of their dedicated staff, they made Quadrangle not only a reality, but a success.

Specifically, designers of the magazine, Janelle Harb and Emyle Watkins, have been a vital part of compiling accepted submissions and creating an entire new piece of art of a literary magazine. They spent time reading and understanding every piece in order to best decided on the arrangement, pairing, and layout of them.

For example, on the same page as a photograph of a gold statue, entitled “Victory” by Michael Kerr, the poem “a flash of light in the storming” by Victoria S. was also printed. The matching of these two independent works enhances the impact of them both for readers. In an incredible conversation between a poem about a changing relationship with a photograph about triumph and power, they come together to address new beginnings.

Another creative choice by the designers was to include a hint at the famous Katsushika Hokusai painting, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” with Valerie Diamond’s poem about said painting. Overall, the designers and editors took many risks and new directions with the 2018 Quadrangle that will set a new standard for future editions.

Quadrangle is made up entirely of student submissions, and this year students have outdone themselves with a stunning variety of work. There are several creative poems experimenting with form via length, lists, and even one that delves back into the dated tradition of typewriting.

The prose writing also takes risks by including a memoir of past and current pets, a interview with a well-known HarperCollins editor, Patrick Crean, and work that represents the LGBT+ community.

And it wouldn’t be the literary magazine of Quadrangle without the art and photography to compliment the writing. Photos from students’ study abroad trips, local Buffalo corners, and seductive portraits all highlight the limitless talent of the Canisius students. The artwork is also just as impressive, as the drawings, digital art, and string-on-wood piece all showcase how Canisius students have countless abilities beyond their majors.

At the unveiling in Grupp, several of these talented contributors read and spoke about their work, bringing them to life in a new way. While art and poetry are often created in a private and personal setting, sharing them outloud connects this community of artists. Collaborating and talking about one’s work is what improves it and expands its outreach.

Looking forward to next year’s Quadrangle, Patrick Crowley will be taking over as Editor-in-Chief. Crowley has a poem and a short story in Quadrangle 66, and worked on the staff as an editor. He is experienced and ready to take on the challenge of creating Quadrangle 67.

However, he will not be alone in this endeavor. There will be a staff helping him throughout the entire process, as well as the support and encouragement from the entire Canisius College. But Quadrangle would not be possible without submission, so get to work on your pieces and get ready to submit them next semester. Until then, look for a free copy around campus and take a look for yourself. Read, share and love art in all forms.



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