Opinion: About the practice of “snacking” and saving the planet

By Jorge Alvarez Rodriguez

Opinion Contributor

        Snacking has become, for most of us, something of a daily sacrament. Between big meals, we sometimes allow ourselves to enjoy the heavenly pleasure of a small piece of our favorite treat to alleviate the discomfort of an empty stomach.

        The practice of snacking can indeed feel divine. Sometimes it releases us from the intense hunger of waiting to eat. As students, meal times do not always fit around classes and work, and snacking becomes an important meal in and of itself. With the right choices, snacks may boost-up our brains in situations of low-energy, and other times, it might become an opportunity to interact with other snack-practitioners in class or the workplace.

Nevertheless, we should not let ourselves be driven by tempting marketing – illusions of what food companies consider good snacks. Corporations are aware that our weakest point is our desire to satisfy our endless “I’m-hungry” mood, so they are using it to influence our snacking choices with larger portions, toxic packaging, and excess salt/sugar content, degrading the graceful practice of snacking.

        In fact, being mindful of our practice of snacking and our snack choices can have a direct effect on our well-being, mood, and sense of personal satisfaction. Developing a mindful practice of snacking will make you more powerful as read to achieve your goals. And not only that, but it can also give you the superpower of saving the entire planet.

Indeed, the culture of snacking that food companies are promoting seems to be one that catalyzes a drastic increase in the consumption of natural resources, and, at the same time, generates massive amounts of waste. With this whole system’s life cycle in mind, it certainly compromises Earth’s natural ability to filter and replenish.

        For that reason, seeking mindfulness and natural choices in our individual practice of snacking becomes a very significant tool to reduce the broader implications that our snack choices have over our planet, if we desire to save it.

Going to the store to get snacks might be a glorious adventure. When we stare at the snack section, all of our senses become hyper-stimulated by a vast array of colors, miscellaneous shapes, and catchy names. However, this illusory beauty hides a terrifying reality: we are giving up the deliberateness of our innate superpower to save the world.

        Have you ever dreamed about becoming a superhuman? Do you believe that you can bring wellness to your life and your environment? What if you start allowing yourself to enjoy the personalizable practice of “mindful snackability” by making the best choices?

So, what are the best choices and why?

Snacks that give you power:

  • Fruits: a healthy dose of natural sugars and carbs
  • Hummus and Veggies: naturally salty and satisfying
  • Nuts and Seeds: a mix of fats and proteins that provide great emergency energy
  • Peanut Butter and Apples: Are you crunchy or smooth?
  • Homemade Kale Chips: surprisingly indulgent
  • To-Go Sandwich: as a spell, you get to choose all the ingredients (best if packed with veggies!)
  • Larabars: quick, easy, and simple ingredients
  • Water: usually when we feel hungry, our bodies are actually just thirsty

And remember, when shopping for snacks opt for whole-foods, responsible packaging, and get creative! Find what works for your body and your schedule, and enjoy the benefits of delicious and nutritious food.


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