Grateful Grind Coffee: An alternative to Elmwood cafes

By Steph Wetzel

Assistant Features Editor

Elmwood Avenue and Hertel Avenue are two streets that are very popular, especially for college students who are looking to get out with their friends and avoid stressing about school. However, there are several places that are well suited for college students on Main Street as well. One of these places is Community Cafe, also known as Grateful Grind Coffee, located on Main Street just past Hertel Avenue.

Grateful Grind Coffee appears to be much smaller on the outside than it actually is. In reality, it is a decently sized cafe that offers a variety of food such as paninis, tacos, coffee, muffins and others. The cafe is unique in that it serves tacos in addition to traditional foods served at a cafe.

The prices were equivalent to what one would pay at Starbucks; however, the atmosphere was very different. The atmosphere could be compared to the Spot Coffee located on Elmwood Avenue. There is art displayed, decorative lights as well as other wall decorations, board games in the back and an area for children or anyone to color. There’s also a large window in the front with a view of the street and the plaza in front of the store with seating in front of it, as well as seating throughout the cafe.

This cafe is a decent area for college students to either catch up with friends or to spend some time in a quiet area while getting some work done. It doesn’t seem to be too busy, and also offers a student discount. Freshman Abbey Naples visited the cafe as well. “It was a great experience that enhanced my day and gave me the willpower to get through the rest of my classes today,” Naples said.

The employees at the cafe were extremely welcoming and friendly. I appreciated the great customer service especially considering I have never been to the cafe before. They were not only helpful towards me when they were taking my order, but also to the customers ordering after me. There’s also an apartment available for rent located above the cafe, similar to other places located on Main Street.

Drinks could be served hot or cold. The iced green tea and the iced matcha latte are two drinks that I tried and were very pleased with. The portions were decent considering the prices, and there were several options including coffee, tea, lattes and smoothies.

Even though there is no space for a parking lot outside of the cafe, meaning customers are obliged to park on the street or ask the employees where there is available parking, it is located along the metro rail. All Canisius undergraduates can take advantage of their CRAM Pass and make the trip get a cup of coffee at a new and enjoyable shop. They even have a sign on their door that says “Ask where to park” and has a picture of a car being towed. Aside from the difficulty parking, it’s hard to critique this cafe. It’s a great alternative for college students, especially if they are looking to try something different from Elmwood Avenue or Hertel Avenue.


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