On The Wing: Alright, Mother Nature, quit it



Progressive Field in Cleveland is one of 12 MLB stadiums to have at least one game postponed due to the nasty April weather. (Nolan Hopkins/The Griffin)


By Marshall Haim

Sports Editor

For those that have experienced the weather in the Northeast region, you tend to have a pretty decent grasp on knowing April can be an extremely unpredictable month as it comes towards the weather.

This year is no exception to the rule, by any means.

Major League Baseball has already seen 25 games cancelled due to weather-related events. Yes, 25 games postponed due to the weather.

It’s only the third full week of the season.

To put it into perspective, all of last season the MLB had only 27 postponements. At this point in the season, only three games had to be moved to later dates due to the weather.

A story wrote by the Associated Press on Wednesday said the scads of cancellations matched the most postponements due to weather through the month of April in 11 years.

In 2007, there were 26 total postponements, 25 by weather and another due to the death of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock. The Cardinals pitcher was killed after driving while intoxicated. He was also texting while behind the wheel.

Eleven of the 30 MLB teams have already exceeded their postponement total from last season. The Chicago Cubs have already had five games cancelled due to weather, including three out of the last four days. Detroit has the most cancellations so far this season (six).

Another factor that has added to the plethora of games being cancelled due to weather and other unforeseen factors is that multiple games are being called a day.

There have been a pair of days (March 29 and April 2) that have had two games called because of unplayable weather conditions. There has also been a pair of dates (April 14 and April 16) that have had three games cancelled.

April 15 was the worst day for cancellations as there were six games postponed.

The MLB isn’t the only league that is feeling the brunt of the weather.

Locally, the Buffalo Bisons, the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, have had more postponements (eight) than games played (six). The division leader in the Bisons division, Syracuse, has played 12 games so far on the season.

The Bisons entire first series with Thruway Cup rival, Rochester, was cancelled due to ice and snowy conditions at Frontier Field.

Buffalo’s last five home games (two against Indianapolis and an entire three-game series with Louisville) were all postponed due to wintry conditions.

Since Buffalo is already making up the pair of games lost with Indianapolis, the Bisons will be losing two of the three games with Louisville since league rules stated that teams are limited to playing up to three doubleheaders in a seven-day period.

My solution to the onslaught of postponements is to begin both the MLB and MiLB seasons later. If that’s not a viable solution then schedule traditional doubleheaders in the schedule. A backup to the backup is to begin the season in warmer climates, like California, Texas or Arizona.

I’m sorry, but having Detroit host a home opener on March 29 is extremely risky.

Also, a memo to the International League: Why are you scheduling non-divisional games in the Northeast in the first week of the season?

Do they not remember what happened in 2007 between Richmond and Buffalo? Their four-game series were all cancelled due to ice and snow.

Don’t get me wrong I love baseball, but the leagues need to begin their seasons later in April, or even May. Let me soak in the NHL and NBA playoffs before the baseball goes into full swing.


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