Highlighting the annual Global Fest

By Sheena Segun-Oye

Features Contributor

Having reached our maximum study capacity with finals coming up and impatiently waiting for the warm, clean air, everyone looks forward to events on campus that will provide a well deserved break while still being engaged.

Global Fest, which took place on the evening of April 17 on the second floor of the Student Center, had a successful turn out and was definitely an event students looked forward to during the weeks leading up to it.

Global Fest is an annual event organized and presented by the Global Horizons organization and the International Students Programs. Global Fest is the biggest and most popular event each year.

The event is an opportunity for students to share their culture and also experience the culture of other students whom they share a community with. This involves ethnic dishes, cultural activities, and performances from 24 countries around the globe. This year, there were cultural dance performances including a Chinese Lion Dance, Brazilian Capoeira, Salsa, Merengue and more.

Abby Schwenk, president of Global Horizons, shed some light on the history and organizing of Global Fest saying, “Global Fest has truly grown over the years. It is a celebration of the diversity of the world and the diversity that exists here in the Buffalo community, as all of the food that we bring to Global Fest is ordered from Buffalo restaurants or made by International students here at Canisius. Global Fest used to be a huge event that was open to the community but I’m not sure when it became closed to the community.”

Schwenk said further, “The food really is the main attraction of students. There is a wide variety of amazing delicacies to try out.” Some of the delicious ethnic dishes that were served included: Ethiopian samosa, Pork pad thai and shrimp mama from Thailand, Chinese lo mein and fried rice, Jamaican beef patties, Korean dumplings, Spanish churros, French macaroons, Turkish baklava, Korean stir-fried rice cakes and Mexican nopalito salad.

Volunteers helped serve food during the event. Matthew Walker, one of the volunteers, explained, “I enjoyed Global Fest because it was an event that brought out a lot of students and showed how much of a close community Canisius is. I was looking forward to seeing the hard work put in organizing come to fruition.”

Another volunteer, Michael Berg, said, “It was nice to see the student body gather in one place, especially since the weather has everyone trapped here.”

A student involved in organising and volunteering for the event, Moyo Folorunsho, spoke on her experience. “I had a great experience being a part of Global Horizon’s Global Fest. It has been very successful in past years and I knew this year was not going to be an exception,” she said. “The Office of International Student Programs and Global Horizons definitely worked hard at ensuring the success of this event  and I am really happy I got to be a part of that.”

Putting together an event like Global Fest definitely requires effort, dedication, hours and preparation. On coordinating the event, Schwenk reflected, “There was a lot to do and it could be very stressful at times. Preparations for the food and structure began  in February. [Our] goal was to have almost all of the food arranged for as well as the performers lined up and paid for, before spring break.”

She went on, “It took many phone calls, restaurant visits, and many weekends. Another important thing to have done before the event was to have enough volunteers to serve the food throughout the event which required a lot of recruiting and networking.”

Schwenk expressed her gratitude, “I’d like to thank all that attended Global Fest on Tuesday. It was such a success and would literally not have been possible without the volunteers.”


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