USA hosts Thursdays in the Quad to bring students together and encourage a more positive campus atmosphere


By Jenna Guadino

Griffin Contributor

On Thursday, April 12, “Thursdays in the Quad” returned for another year in a row. Sponsored by the Undergraduate Student Association, this Thursday’s event offered kombucha tea from Bootleg Bucha, the largest kombucha brewery in New York, lloyd Taco Factory and games. Although rainy, several waited in the weather for their choice of tricked out nachos, burritos, or tacos. “Despite the rain, it was nice to see Thursday in the quad start up again and I hope it is something Canisius students can continue to enjoy in the future,” said sophomore Lauryn Saldana. The senior senators were responsible for putting this particular Thursday together, and was led by Timothy Utz 18’.  

“I always loved Thursday in the Quad,” added Jovani Jiminez. “I’d stand in the rain for some good school spirit.” The continuation of Thursdays in the Quad is an extension of USA President Amelia Greenan 18’s vision for school spirit.

“In discussing student apathy on campus, I’m really proud of USA and the specific senators who stepped up to plan Thursdays in the Quad to encourage higher student attendance at campus-wide events. I’m pleased to see that we could start some programming this semester that breathes some life into the campus and encourages more students to show up and enjoy themselves at larger events. I think this is a step in the right direction to encourage more students to get involved on programming on campus” Greenan said.

USA was cost efficient in planning this weeks event. They were able to get the Bootleg Bucha kombucha tea for free, borrow lawn games from Student Life, and pay $750 to have lloyd on campus, according to Connor Rosenecker ‘18, USA’s VP of business and finance. The first 100 students who showed up to the taco truck received a free food voucher. “I think it was especially successful, considering the rain,” said Greenan.

Next week’s Thursdays in the Quad will feature activities planned out by the junior senators. In addition to Thursdays in the Quad, next week, USA will be introducing “spirit week.” President Greenan has been working closely with Matthew Smardz, USA’s vice president for marketing and public relations, to ensure that everyone a part of our campus community feels appreciated as another academic year comes to a close. For each day of the week, beginning next week, USA’s social media accounts will post a thank you to club leaders, graduate assistants, resident assistants, orientation leaders, administration, faculty and staff and finally the student body for their involvement on campus. Greenan hopes this will be an easy way to pilot a new and uplifting tradition that she described as “something simple.” She compared it to “Great to be a Griff” day and hopes it continues next year.



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