Students relocated due to rodent issue in Bosch

Michael Berg & Felicia Smolen

Griffin Reporter & News Editor

During the winter months in Buffalo, temperatures drop to freezing and below, causing many pests to seek refuge where it’s warm. This semester however, students on the fourth floor of Bosch have been dealing with rodents too often. Many students have voiced their complaints about the infestation, and explained that it is not only affecting their living situation, but it is also affecting their academics. Some students were even forced to move out of their dorm rooms as a result of the infestation.

One student who chose to remain anonymous expressed their concern and outrage saying, “…upon moving we were charged an additional fee…but the problem is it was not our choice to move and I feel like we were being punished for something that was completely out of our control.” They went on to express their disappointment in Canisius, wishing that they were “more professional in solving this issue… [they should focus on] what we can do structurally to prevent this from occurring and reoccurring over the years.”

Thomas Ciminelli, the director of facilities management, he identified a potential cause of the infestation might have been, stating that “what we are finding is that students are leaving food out. People are leaving open containers, not taking their garbage out in a timely manner, and that’s typically when we start getting the calls.”

Freshmen Sara Kehr and Jessica Nappo are residents of the fourth floor of Bosch Hall and are frustrated at how the mouse problem has escalated. Nappo claims that when she requested a maintenance person to come to her room at a specific time, they did not show up until six hours later. “People have moved off of our floor and almost every room, at least on the girls’ side, has a mouse,” Kehr said, noting how bad the issue of mice has become. Kehr also claims that a maintenance worker sent to her room revealed the possible source of this mouse problem: an opening in the walls crudely covered up with steel wool. But has done nothing to cover it up.

These exemplify some of the causes of rodent infestation and how rodents to enter the residence halls and other campus buildings. “We have a contract with a pest control company and they come out regularly, and when we get reports, when they are on campus, they get a copy of the report and then go and investigate the situation,” said Ciminelli.  Our contract is for pest control outside of the building and inside too.” While not all pests can be prevented from entering the buildings, the contract Canisius has with the pest control company allows Canisius to deal with any pest issues, including rodents, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Students can play a part in reducing pest infestations in the residence halls by ensuring that they cover any exposed food, properly disposing of old food, washing dishes thoroughly and putting them away, and taking garbage out in a timely manner. These reduce the food incentives that pests seek.



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