Opinion: Mission Hundred Days: Day 36

By Abby Schwenk

Opinion Contributor

As we approach these final 36 days of our time at Canisius, I can’t help but to be in denial that my time here is ending. To think that in 40 days I will no longer be in the library until the early hours of morning socializing instead of actually studying for my exam the next day, or to think that my time of running around campus between classes to complete errands for Global Horizons will be over (What will I do with all my free time?) will soon become a fact. To imagine not sitting in a classroom in Old Main or Health Science, learning from some of my favorite professors and role models, is difficult. As the future approaches, I know that my life will never feel the same as it does right now within this small, caring, and tight-knit community that is Canisius College.

During the fall of my junior year of high school, I made my first trek north from the small village of New Holland, Ohio to Buffalo, New York to visit Canisius College. A young girl with big dreams, I was being recruited to play basketball and had decided to begin checking out some schools. With each school I visited, for some reason I was constantly drawn back to Canisius over and over again. Before my high school graduation, I had visited the campus a total of 5 times for basic tours, overnights, and games. Every other school I had only visited once. So what distinguished Canisius from the other schools?

With each visit, I had this sense of family and support. From the coaching staff and the girls on the team, to the advisors and other faculty that I met, each person showed a genuine interest in my success and future at Canisius. With each visit, Canisius felt a tiny bit more like home. As my four years here progressed, my teammates became sisters, and I met professors and friends that would become mentors and friends for life.

Moreover, I gained an education based in the Jesuit values, which have impacted me to live life with an awareness for others, and to always strive for more in the forms of excellence and justice. As a freshman, I read over the Jesuit values during orientation and thought that they were simply words on a piece of paper. Now, I know that the Jesuit values mean so much more at Canisius and that they are truly embodied in numerous professors, faculty, and students on campus. I now know that the Jesuit values inspire me to live a life based in love and caring for others.

That being said, taking the time away from my studying to have conversations with friends in the library, to go out of my way for office hours of professors to catch up, or to make the trip to the mall or dinner with friends, despite my quickly dwindling bank account, are moments that I will never regret and that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. The vast amounts of love and support felt from the people in these moments is unmatched.

Therefore today, as I sit here in the library surrounded by these lifelong friends and write this article, I can only think to myself that i need to soak up every last moment here at Canisius and with the people here who have deeply affected me. It’s likely that all of us will never live together in the same place ever again. Some would say thank god about that, but truly, it is a unique thing that college allows. After this, communication only happens through Facebook or Skype, until weddings occur or maybe short visits, where we will all gather again and reflect on these good ol’ college days.



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