Opinion: About Last Weekend

By Nathan Baumgartner

Opinion Contributor

This past weekend was certainly a busy one for Canisius. On Saturday, Community Day was hosted, and I had the amazing opportunity to help at Friends of Night People. On Sunday, Accepted Students’ Day was held, and being the ever-so-enthusiastic international relations major, I assisted with talking about my experience with the program to incoming students who were looking at potentially studying international relations as undergraduate students.

Both of these events were exciting, I’ll give them that; one of the things I will miss as an undergraduate student here is being able to informally network with prospective and incoming students for my major and talk about my experiences as an international relations students, more specifically. But why were these events scheduled on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, of all weekends?

Anyone from Buffalo knows that St. Patrick’s Day weekend is not a weekend for Buffalo’s finest, to say the least. Even as I made the trek from my apartment to Old Main at 10:00 Sunday morning, the evidence of binge drinking was quite clear amongst some off-campus houses. Windows were open. Houses were noisy. People were boisterous, but not all of them, that is certain. Yes, people had a good time on Sunday, and perhaps a little too much fun. But honestly, what was Admissions thinking having Accepted Students’ Day on the day of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

The same could be said about Community Day being held on the same day of the Old First Ward’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Going to Community Day is something which I look forward to attending every time I can. Being able to make a positive impact on the community, even for a little while on one Saturday every semester, means a lot to me. In talking to friends attending other colleges and universities, this is one of the things that sets Canisius apart. Was I disappointed that very few people, in comparison to semesters past, attended this event? Of course! But am I surprised? Not at all. The timing of the event, to stem from last week’s Editorial, was not as good as it could have been.

I certainly understand that there may be other reasons behind having on-campus events last weekend, especially in the case of Community Day, because it was the end to Community Week. It may have made more logistical sense, given the fact that our Spring Break falls so late compared to virtually every other school in the area, so hosting the event after Spring Break may not have been feasible.

But having such a big-profile event like Accepted Students’ Day – a day where people thinking about coming to school here, with their parents, nonetheless, in many cases – is downright illogical if we want to market this school to prospective undergraduate students. When helping spread the visibility of the international relations program on the ground floor of Old Main, I could hear parents talking about the antics of current students here, and not in a positive way. As a Canisius student leaving this semester, that is not the image I want to project to prospective students and their families.

For Admissions, however, that seems to be a quite different story.


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