A high note to the weekend: The Music Scholar Concert


By Abby Wojcik

Assistant Features Editor

The Montante Cultural Center will welcome the return of the Canisius Music Scholars’ annual benefit concert, a one-night showcasing of our campus’ musical talents. It will take place today, Friday, March 17 at 7 p.m. It is a benefit concert in which the proceeds will go to Buffalo City Mission. Tickets are $2 and are being sold in the library from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and at the door. Ticket prices remain the same regardless of where they are purchased.

The president of the Music Scholars club, Kate Campanaro, along with her other e-board members have spent several months planning the event in order to put on a successful concert for the Canisius community. The benefit concert is the primary project the club does. This year, the goal is to make the event bigger and highlight all of the musical talent of Canisius, rather than select individuals.

“We want it to be a representation of different types of music too, not just all solo singers and not just all orchestra things,” Campanaro stated. “We try to make it a pretty relaxed, casual environment. It’s just supposed to be something that is enjoyable, like a celebration of just music in general.”

Not all of the other performers are music scholars. In years past, this was not the case. Now, musically-inclined students who are not technically music scholars, also participate. This way, there is a diverse lineup of solo acts, duets, pianists, violinist and more. Various independent groups are performing along with CrescenDON’Ts, Chorale, and alumni.

Jenyia Wilson, senior communications major, is performing with her two friends, Canisius students Jessica Hale and Anika Hoque. They will be doing their own a cappella version of “Rise” by Solange Knowles.

Wilson has performed in the Music Scholar Concert before with the CrescenDON’Ts and is now going to be on her own for an independent act, an opportunity that she’s very excited for.

“I like singing in different environments with a little variety,” she mentioned. “You never know who you’re going to meet, you never know who might be touched by your performance.”

Growing up, singing is something that Wilson has always done with choirs in high school, but coming to Canisius has opened up possibilities for her to sing in new capacities and more diverse venues. She has been able to move beyond the back row of ensembles and become more confident in her voice and in being on stage in front of people.

“I definitely feel like I’ve gotten more confident,” Wilson explained. “I feel like I have my own sound that I like. I just kind of learned that it’s fun to perform, like it’s not so scary especially when people like what you’re singing and give you nice feedback.”

She exercised this confidence just last week at an open mic night at Spot Coffee. Completely unprepared, she sang a song to strangers and appreciated the simple joy of music.

This concert helps other Canisius students develop that same voice Jenyia has cultivated over time. The lineup of performers is based on a volunteer bases beyond the music scholars. They get to decide what their act is, how many songs they want to do, and they basically have complete creative freedom.

Campanaro is taking advantage of this chance by doing an acoustic duet with her boyfriend, Colin Littlefield. He is playing guitar to her singing of three songs.

“It’s a way for us to showcase music. We just enjoy performing. We already are all involved in ensembles, so we get that kind of recognition, but this is more of something that we can do and give back to the community.

“I’m in Chorale and I have to perform the certain songs that we do there but if I do this, it’s a very different sound or side of me that I can perform,” Campanaro said.

Coming to the Canisius Music Scholar Concert will not only be fun and entertaining, but you will also be directly helping others with the purchase of a ticket. Every meal for someone in need through Buffalo City Mission costs $1.98, so your $2 ticket is the equivalent of giving a meal for one person that needs it in Buffalo. Last year, the concert raised over $300, and they hope to beat that number this Friday. Come to the concert to help your community, support your peers, and enjoy great musical performances.



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