USA’s Reaction to Student Concerns: USA’s plans to address negativity and declining student involvement on campus

By Cameron Lareva and Jenna Gaudino

Assistant News Editor and Griffin Reporter

Recently, there has been a noticeable decline in participation in clubs and sporting events on campus. Students and club leaders have called upon USA to become more involved at Canisius. During the USA meeting on February 13th Unity’s president, Madelyn Reed ‘18, expressed her concerns on student involvement and challenged USA to put forth more effort to improve the overall campus attitude and participation.

One of the major concerns Reed mentioned in the senate meeting in mid February was negativity in the community saying, “All I’ve been hearing on campus are complaints about Canisius. People complain about budget cuts, professors taking the buy-out, the parking ramp, and dining location hours being cut. These things matter and are frustrating, but students are dwelling on the negatives instead of looking at the positive things Canisius is doing. We are all so lucky to be at this institution so I wish we could all think about that and take advantage of every opportunity the school presents us with. One of those opportunities being club involvement!” Reed’s concerns are representative of Canisius’ declining community atmosphere, however she stressed the importance of positivity and school spirit.

Addressing student concerns and providing the student leadership that club leaders and students are calling for has become USA priority. Amelia Greenan, president of USA, spoke on three major issues the senate has identified: disconnected community, decline in student involvement, and lack of communication within Canisius College.

In Greenan’s opinion, “It’s a comprehensive issue, which requires a comprehensive solution, and one answer is not going to be the golden ticket that fixes absolutely everything.”

Greenan explains that the major issues are multifaceted. While they cannot be fixed by one common answer or completed in a day, USA has been very receptive to student feedback. Greenan explains that USA has created a multitude of various ideas and initiatives they feel will help resolve student’s issues and strengthen the Canisius community.

USA has been analyzing the Today @ Canisius email system in regards improving club outreach while preventing students’ inboxes from being flooded with repetitive advertisement. One solution could be a limited email blast that allows clubs to send individual emails advertising their events while preventing an excess of emails.

USA also plans to bridge the communication gaps that exist, by acting as a bridge between administration and the student body. USA plans improve their transparency by having senators email monthly updates to the their corresponding classes.

Greenan also spoke of a new initiative to create a stronger community on campus, Thursdays in the Quad. The senate will take three thursdays at the end of the year, so there will be a Thursday for seniors, juniors, and a combined sophomore and freshman day. The events are going to be planned by the senate and allow students to come together as a community.

The senate is planning to commission a large mural to highlight Canisius achievements and positives on campus. This would be one facet of a positivity campaign that USA hopes to start on campus.

Greenan says, “one thing isn’t going to change it all, but it’s these little movements” when talking about the initiatives USA is working on.

These are only a few of USA’s many proposed solutions to the lack of participation and positivity on campus. USA hopes to solidify more of their ideas to better the campus community. These are not the only solutions, and USA wants more feedback, ideas and perspectives. If any student wishes to contribute possible ideas to promote and improve positivity and participation on campus, they can contact Amelia Greenan at


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