Clubs of Canisius: A highlight of Canisius’ smaller programs

By Steph Wetzel

Features Contributor

Canisius has over 100 clubs and organizations, making it easy to glance over many of them or not even notice them at all. Some clubs are new and are still growing while others are simply known to have a small community of students involved. Luckily, many of these clubs have events coming up where Canisius students can discover them.
Art History

The art history program does not currently have a club, however, they are an organization that has events coming up. Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and program director for The art history program, mentioned they have a few events scheduled, including a documentary screening that will be shown on March 19, an art show fundraiser that will be on April 18, and a lecturer that is coming to campus on April 26. The lecturer is Daniel Sinclair who is a sculptor.

Afro-American Society

The Afro-American Society is a club that focuses on establishing racial harmony. They have general body meetings on March 21 and on April 4, a live photoshoot for fashion week on April 9, and an event called “How to Conquer Fashion Week” on April 10.

Classics Club

Classics Club is a club dedicated to ancient languages and civilizations of Rome and Greece. They have events including Classics Jeopardy in which candidates are able to win prizes. They have a event coming up called Dionysia on March 20. This event is dedicated to the Greek God Dionysus and the club plans to paint vases and enjoy traditional Greek food.

Disney Club

Disney Club is a club that holds events that include movie nights, theory nights, karaoke nights, game nights, where you can win prizes, and more. Their goal is for the club members have fun looking back on their childhood memories or to have fun with Disney at this point in their lives.


FUSION (Fantastic Underground Systematic Incorporation Of Nerds) Gaming Society hosts game nights every Friday, in which both students and faculty are welcome. This club gives students who enjoy gaming the opportunity to meet students who have the same interests as them and also allows them to play games with their classmates and friends, while discovering new games that they may be interested in. This club is not only for those who enjoy video games, but board games and card games as well.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club gets together to discuss philosophical ideas, sponsoring educational programs, and teaming up with other organizations involved in the Canisius community. Their goal is to have students and faculty engaged in philosophical topics.


These are only a few clubs and programs at Canisius that may be overlooked among the swarms of others, but these groups’ approaching events present the perfect opportunities for students to learn more about them.



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