Mission Hundred Days: Day 92

By Miranda Bigham

Opinion Contributor

Um, guys? Are you still going to let me write this if I’ve been feeling especially lost this week?

I think the reason that feeling gets to me so much is because it’s been such a rarity over the past four years. In my time at Canisius, what seems the most significant to me is how I’ve been able to be a part of this campus both as part of a group and as an individual. I have a lot of love for all the little communities that I have had some small function in throughout the past 4 years, and all the great people that walk around this campus every day- the true reason why it’s so easy to just step outside of yourself here. I’m not saying it’s always comfortable to do so, but there hasn’t been a moment during my time here when I felt like I couldn’t just do what I wanted.

Am I going to lose half of my audience if I remind everyone right now that an essential part of my persona for three years was my being a student-athlete? No, I’m not, because I’m literally assuming my audience is my dad, and he’s not going to stop reading. Thanks Dad.

I’d be lying if I said the majority of my freshman year at Canisius wasn’t defined by being a member of the swim team. Like, that was literally my entire identity. The more the time passed, the more concerned I became with the fact that I didn’t know where I fit just as an individual in college. I’ve always had a home with the swimmers, amongst the athletes, but I’m writing this to say that the moments I knew I was truly happy with the choice I made in a college came when I found a place for myself on campus outside of the pool.

As a senior, I’m one of the Water Griffs’ biggest fans, but I’m no longer a member of the team. I got all I needed to get out of being an athlete in 3 years, but now I remain in awe of not only the swimmers and divers, but all of the athletes. There is truly something incredibly admirable about your passion being something that you give all of your physical and mental being to.

I am equally happy to have been an athlete as I am to have participated in all the great community service projects we have (RIP Burrito Project), harassed everyone who walked in the library to donate blood, gone on a Kairos retreat that challenged my perspective on the world, stood in solidarity with all the English majors as we all finished every term paper five minutes before it was due, and read dozens of your final papers to make sure you were using “affect” as a verb, not a noun.

Especially the seniors, to see how invested and hard working and dimensional all the people I’ve made the four year journey with just makes me get pissed off any time someone equates millennials with avocado toast and nothing else.

So with the less than 100 days we have left of college, please step outside yourself. Please have conversations that don’t revolve around, “So, what are your plans for next year?”. Please get to know those people you’ve seen for four years but never spoken to. Please take some time for yourself in form of community service or a campus ministry retreat, or better yet, get up with the sun and take a lap around Delaware Park; I swear it’s therapeutic.

And please think about what the past four years have meant to you, and share it in The Griffin in the series “Mission Hundred Days.”

Guys, I swear everytime I look at news headlines I lose faith in the world… but the people I’ve met in my four years make me believe that most humans are still good. Cheers to all of you.



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