Jesana Gadley appointed as new USA Vice Speaker

By: Cameron Lareva

Assistant News Editor

The Undergraduate Student Association welcomed Jesana Gadley ‘20 as the new vice speaker during the Tuesday senate meeting on Jan. 30. Once the decision was made, Gadley immediately took her position amongst the senate.

Gadley was one of five applicants for the vice speaker position: a current freshman senator, two freshmen students, a recent transfer student, and Gadley herself. At the beginning of the meeting, the applicants stood in front of the senate and were asked questions by the senators and executive board, such as, “How familiar are you with the senate constitution?” and, “Why should we select you for the position over the other candidates?” After the senators wrapped up the interview questions, they began to deliberate and provide their opinions on who would be best fit to serve as vice speaker. The speaker took a recess to review the candidates’ applications one last time before making his final decision. Upon the announcement of Gadley’s appointment as vice speaker, the other candidates were thanked for applying and asked to continue to be involved in the USA.

Gadley is a sophomore student who aspires to be influential in government and policy changes, and strives to make an impactful effect on the Canisius community. She believes that she was chosen due to “the experience I have gained in my leadership positions and my work in the community.” She has served as a resident assistant, special events coordinator for SPB, and as the associate intern for the Urban Leadership Learning Community, and believes these roles have prepared her to serve as vice speaker. She hopes her role as vice speaker will provide longevity to Canisius College, and provide the senate with new perspective and insight on matters discussed.

The vice speaker serves to ensure the creation and upholdment of the Senate House Rules Handbook, as well as serve as a non-voting member of the Rules and Elections Board. The vice speaker also serves in the speaker’s place when he/she is absent from the senate meetings. Gadley’s biggest goal is “to foster this community and also branch the slight disconnect between U.S.A and the student body in serving as someone people can talk to in regards to their concerns or ideas they have to better our community.”


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