Dining Service changes for a changing student body

By Cameron Lareva

Griffin Reporter

The Canisius College Dining Service has made changes and additions for the new year and continues to adjust with a smaller student population utilizing a meal plan. The College is experiencing a decrease in resident students, leading to less students than average purchasing and using a meal plan for Canisius dining options.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.55.59 PM.png

The Economou Dining Hall / Photo by Liv Blieden

The decline in meal plan purchases has created more difficulty in balancing the costs of the menus of the on-campus dining locations. This has unfortunately resulted in the removal of some menu items that were available last year, but the addition of others that are more cost-effective. The menu is still currently being modified to best fit the students using it.

However, Luke McCoy, Dining Service liaison, says that “with any new changes, it takes a few weeks [to implement].”

The drop in student meal plan participation and use of on-campus dining options has also led to scaling back certain hours of operation; Tim Horton’s now closes at 11p.m Monday through Thursday and Sunday, which is an hour earlier than last year, but McCoy assures the hours are “still accessible to everyone.”

The Canisius College Dining Service continues updating and changing. A new infused water station has been added to the Economou Dining Hall. The station replaced the space used for desserts last year, and desserts have been moved to a smaller location due to high amounts of waste in previous years.

The focus of the Dining Service this year is to better serve the students and tailor the dining locations to fit everyone’s needs. The dining locations are improving prevention of cross-contamination of foods to ensure safe consumption for those with food allergies. The Dining Service also strives to continue meeting the dietary nee ds of students by enhancing last year’s addition of Pitchforks, which provides vegan and vegetarian options in the Economou Dining Hall. McCoy is also working on continuing improvement by coordinating with Chartwell’s to communicate changes and additions requested by students.

The Canisius College Dining Service plans to continue optimizing dining options to best fit the new student population using meal plans and configuring a balanced-budget menu that offers options to students with different dietary needs.


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