Quit it with mock drafts

By Marshall Haim

Sports Editor

The NFL Draft, for some, has the makings of being a national holiday. For the three days that the draft takes, people will glue themselves to television screens at home, or at their local watering hole.

For me, personally, the NFL Draft is overrated. Don’t at me.

People spend not days or weeks, but months on doing analytical and statistical analysis on every single prospect who has declared himself draft eligible. It’s a waste of time. The so-called experts are wrong almost half the time. I could  probably name hundreds of things that I would rather do than watch over 10 hours of the draft on television, watching multiple analysts talk about 224 players who have been just drafted.

I couldn’t pin-point how many mock drafts there are out there, but they’re all stupid. The will be thrown out in the first 20 minutes because of a trade or a team making a pick that nobody thought would happen.

The perfect example occurred on Thursday night in Philadelphia. The first overall selection was by Cleveland who selected Texas A&M’s defensive end Myles Garrett. Not surprised the Browns took a very explosive defensive player.

Then all chaos broke loose.

San Francisco, who originally held the second overall selection, traded their pick to the Chicago Bears in exchange for three draft picks. The Bears selected North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. The 49ers, and their fans, came out the trade smelling like a rose, while Bears fans were visibly not pleased with the choice made by their beloved team.

My question is: why spend months divulging yourself into statistical and analytical information, just have your mock draft ripped up on the second overall pick? It doesn’t make sense. The front office personnel of all 32 NFL teams know what they’re doing. The Average Joe doesn’t have the slightest clue.

Stop making multiple and premature mock drafts. Let the front office, scouting, and coaching staffs do their jobs without any influence from fans.


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