Future undergraduate president has big plans

By Carl Legg

News Editor

Amelia Greenan, the incoming President of the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) discussed her goals and ambitions in that role with The Griffin this week. The position is one Greenan has dreamed of since she was first touring Canisius. Even then, Greenan was preparing for it as Student Body President of her high school. After three years with USA, Greenan has now been groomed to become a USA president to remember.

Greenan feels very excited for the upcoming year. To improve Canisius, she said that her platform is student-led change to the culture here through USA. She has already focused on important issues she wants to address. She envisions changes in the right direction involving the student experience, encompassing everything from assisting single student mothers to sustainability and safety issues. On the core of it all, she hopes to maintain a properly-run USA to face them.

“The greatest accomplishment you can have as a President is to steward an organization that works well so that the group of leaders within your organization can work for the students they represent and bring about the most impactful change under your execution and leadership,” she explained.

One of her largest passions next year is ensuring women have the resources to continue their education at Canisius if they are pregnant or parenting.

“I want to work to ensure the availability of housing for single mothers and families at Canisius, as well as daycare options so those students, both prospective and current, can begin, continue, or finish their education at Canisius College,” she exclaimed. It is clearly an important cause close to her heart.

There will be many other issues next year for Greenan to address, but this one in particular reveals what she stands for. “I want to work to improve the student experience for everyone, and that includes the people who might not necessarily have the loudest voice,” she said.

It is this attitude that can lead Greenan to success with the plethora of potential issues to face next semester. Not to be dismayed, she made sure to remind that there is always room for improvement. She still understands the pressing concerns of student apathy, sexual assault awareness, and race relations. In light of these sensitive issues, communication is her key focus. To help, she wants to become “the mouthpiece for the students to the administration, advocate for their interests, and in doing so, change Canisius for the better.”

She continued, saying, “I want to continue to listen to students to hear the areas they desire change and improvement in and move forward on initiatives they want to see.” It is the dedication of the student representatives and administration working to address student needs that makes Greenan so confident.

She has plenty of fresh ideas to bring to the table as well. One of her most interesting ones is rentable commuter housing. She has already started research on it.

“I have done a lot of work on my Student Interests Committee beginning the ‘Off-Campus Housing Initiative’ that created an ‘Off-Campus Housing Directory,’ and provided ‘Off-Campus Housing Info Session’ and ‘Tenants Rights and Guides’ to students so that they have all they need to safely and efficiently rent houses off campus,” she explained.

Changes in housing are difficult for USA to implement because they only have as much power as the administration is willing to give them, but Greenan is coming into next semester prepared for these types of challenges.

Many school presidents have optimistic words to say at the start of their tenure. It is Greenan’s experience, campus involvement, and honesty that sets her apart. She genuinely wants to help those at Canisius. “I wanted to run for this position because in this role, I can personally make the greatest impact on the school,” she said.

Things are looking great for Greenan right now. Simply put, she said that it feels like a dream come true. With the advice and guidance of current President Ayoub and the rest of USA to ease her transition, she is prepared for when challenges surface. She does not plan on being perfect, but says she remains confident and determined to do a good job moving forward.


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