Debuting Quadrangle 65

By Nathan Ress

Managing Editor

This past Tuesday, April 26, Canisius College celebrated another year of what is known in certain circles as the only holiday that matters, more anticipated than Griff Fest and more festive than Mardi Gras: the unveiling of Quadrangle, the College’s literary and arts magazine. This year marked the 65th edition of the magazine, which is published yearly and worked on by a staff of over twenty students through both the fall and spring semesters.

This year’s co-Editors-in-Chief were seniors Aryanna Falkner and Alex Segelhurst, responsible for overseeing the creation of the magazine. Each year, Quadrangle is created from scratch, with each successive edition looking and feeling completely different from the last.

With this in mind, both Falkner and Segelhurst have cemented themselves, along with the rest of their staff, as the most recent in a long Canisius tradition. “It’s an honor,” said Falkner.

“There’s only so much time you can spend on it,” she said, recognizing that at times the process was strenuous or hectic, but she continued, “Every step after something is finished is the best feeling.”

This successful feeling certainly translated into the magazine, and there were a few firsts in this years publication. Quadrangle 65 features the first illustrated non-fiction piece ever published in the magazine. Similarly, the sixty fifth edition was also the first to feature cover art specifically solicited from an artist, as well as an all new texture. This years cover was drawn by Alexis Rivera, who also served as the designer for the magazine as a whole.

Finally, Quadrangle 65 is dedicated to Victoria Brooks, a Canisius freshman English student who lost her life in 2016. Several of Brooks’ family members were in attendance at Wednesday’s reading, which featured one of her poems entitled “Magic and Happiness of People,” read by her FYS teacher, Professor David.

Other readers and artist presenters at the unveiling included Francesco Strangio, Hannah Szablewski, Justin Smith, Meghan Filsinger, and Patrick Crowley. These are only a handful of the over thirty contributors to the magazine whose pieces were accepted. Segelhurst and Falkner credit these contributors as well as all students who submitted, even if rejected, as the driving force for the entire magazine. Without these submissions, there would be no Quadrangle.

At the conclusion of the event before cake was served, Dr. Cochrane, the faculty moderator for Quadrangle, stood for one final announcement: introducing the editors for Quadrangle next year. Cochrane revealed that Quadrangle 66 co-editors would be Jordyn Smith and Nathan Ress.

When asked afterward if she had anything up her sleeve for next year, Smith said, “I only have abstract ideas so far for Q 66, but I do plan to personally encourage submissions and staff members by reaching out to students.” She encouraged any interested students to contact her at


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