Global Fest: An international success

By Nathan Ress

News Editor

This past Tuesday, April 4 was the culminating event for the Canisius College Global Horizons club, their annual Global Fest. The event allows students to experience the foods and culture of a huge variety of countries across the world and from every single continent. The event serves to show “how multicultural Canisius can be,” said Gustavo Dos Santos, Publicity Coordinator for Global Horizons.

Dos Santos stated that the event is to celebrate the diversity of Canisius as well as the United States as a whole, teaching students about the huge variety of cultures on Earth. He said the goal was to allow students to feel as though they were entering another country and getting a genuine experience. In this regard, Dos Santos sees the event as a huge success.

“Global Fest is an event I look forward to every year, and this year certainly did not disappoint,” said Gina Trippe ‘17.

The event featured food from 25 different countries across all continents. Similarly, the event included performances from a variety of cultures from Brazil, China, Africa, and Micronesia. Furthermore, the event tried to encourage a sense of global community by adding a passport activity to the festivities.

“Global Fest was a captivating experience that allowed me to delve into other cultures through not only a variety of delicious foods, but also a number of interesting activities and performances. The event inspired me to personally make an effort to experience other cultures on my own time,” said Alex Montilla ‘18, an Urban Leadership Learning Community student.

All of this was made possible by over 40 volunteers from Global Horizons and a variety of other cultural groups on campus. Dos Santos also gave credit to Abigail Schwenk, Global Horizons Secretary, Tamara Miskovic, Global Horizons President, and Molly Murray ‘13, Graduate Assistant to the Office of International Student Programs.

In all, the event was a huge success, attracting over 500 students, with a line stretching to the first floor of the Student Center. The event received a hugely positive reaction from students who attended and continued to prove itself as a campus favorite.

“Global Fest was a community-focused, cultural experience. Global Horizons did an amazing job and should be proud of their accomplishments,” said Jerome Daigler ‘17.


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