Familiar faces of Canisius: Erik J. Schneider

By Caitlin McHugh

Online Content Editor

For many of the students at Canisius College in the midst of their often times stressful lives, the bubbly personality of Erik J. Schneider seldom goes unnoticed.

Schneider is a member of the Facilities Management Department here at Canisius. He recently joined the staff in September of 2016.

After graduating from Lockport High School in 2011, he started his first postgraduate job working at Elderwood, a nursing home in Williamsville. He worked at the nursing home for over three years until he found out about a position that was available at Canisius when his father found an ad for it in the newspaper and suggested that he apply.

As a full time member of the management team, his responsibilities include cleaning the bathrooms, offices, locker rooms, and all other rooms in the Koessler Athletic Center.

When he is not working at Canisius, Schneider enjoys spending time with his family. He has one older brother and two older sisters, and spends a lot of time with his grandparents, as well. Schneider shared that his grandfather, who recently passed away in September of 2015, is one of his biggest role models in life, along with James Bond from his favorite movie series since he was a teenager.

Running has also been a large part of his life since he was in seventh grade. Schneider participated in cross country for six years during his middle school and high school careers, and earned his first varsity letter for cross country when he was a sophomore. He dedicates a lot of his free time now towards running as a stress relief method as well as for pleasure.

Schneider is also actively involved in the community. He is a member of Toastmasters International, an organization that helps him improve his communication and public speaking skills.

He also participates annually in Relay for Life, in honor of several family members whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

Schneider’s positive energy and compassion for others is frequently appreciated by those that have the privilege of interacting with him on campus. Kathryn Kasper, a senior member of the Canisius College cheerleading team, expressed how much of an impact Schneider has made on her life this year as she has gotten to know him.

“When I go to the KAC, I pretty much look for him because he always has such positive vibes to share. We could be having the worst practice, and seeing him watch us in the corner of the gym or just saying good job instantly lifted my mood as we ended the night,” Kasper continued. “It started to feel like seeing and talking to him became part of my daily routine, and he’ll definitely be someone I will really miss after I graduate.”

His hard-work and passion for his job has become well-recognized on campus. For Schneider, it’s the people that he gets to interact with during his shifts that keep him enthused about coming back each day.

“The people [here] are so nice and so caring, and that’s what makes my days here,” Schneider said. “I have a lot of people here who brighten my day so I want to make sure they have a nice clean building to come into every day.”


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