The who’s who in the USA election: Amanda Boccolucci, VP of Programming

By Felicia Smolen

Griffin Reporter

As many students know, the election for positions in the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) is now underway. In last week’s edition of The Griffin, we told you about some of the candidates. This week, we have one more to update you on: Amanda Boccolucci. Amanda is running for the position of VP of Programming.

Boccolucci feels that, because she is always trying her hardest to better herself and is highly dedicated to what she does, she is highly qualified for the position.

“As the Vice President of Programming, I serve as the link between the event needs of the student body and the Undergraduate Student Association,” Boccolucci said. “The Student Programming Board is a major club on campus, so it is important that the Vice President of Programming is able to effectively communicate between these two major bodies.”

Boccolucci also has her fair share of participation in SPB, serving as the member coordinator as well as an event assistant. By taking part in these, she has developed crucial skills in leadership as well as event planning.

On a larger scale, Boccolucci recognizes that this position is a vital connection that students have to the Senate. Many feel that the communication between the Senate and the student body is not as efficient or effective as it should be. Though this may be an ongoing challenge, Boccolucci believes that she has the ability to improve the communication between the student body, SPB, and USA in order to make the campus community stronger, closer, and more enjoyable.
“I am passionate about bringing events to campus that allow the student body to grow closer together. I believe that this really allows the student body, and Canisius as a whole, to further grow into a thriving community,” Boccolucci said.

Her own personal, positive experiences with SPB during her freshman year allowed her to build long-lasting connections with the community here at Canisius, and she knows by taking this position that she will be able to provide future students with the same experience.

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