President Ayoub addresses student complaints on swipe access

By Felicia Smolen

Griffin Reporter

A common complaint students have on campus is about the timeframe in which students are allowed to access buildings. Due to copious amounts of work, class schedules, work schedules, and other varying factors, students have asked and argued for access to buildings such as Science Hall, Dugan, and the Student Center to be extended from 10:00p.m., to 12a.m. to ease their access and allow them to study wherever they may need at a later time.

Though it would make it more convenient for students to find a study space, there are drawbacks that make this a potentially unsafe decision. The Griffin was able to interview USA president Elias Ayoub, ‘17 to get more information on the resolution.

Ayoub expressed his disagreement to the resolution, discussing many factors such as liability for students, inability to properly provide security for buildings at these hours, safety concerns when entering or exiting a building, and controlled access.

If students were allowed access into the buildings any later than they are now, it would prove to be a liability to the school. For instance, if a student were to suffer from a medical emergency and there was no one there to help them or aid them, the student would surely not be well off and the College would be in legal trouble.

“They don’t have the staff to necessarily be there in the case of emergency, everywhere,” Ayoub said.

In addition to this, if a student were to access a building and allow someone else to enter as well by way of holding a door, this other person may not be a student and may be entering with bad intentions, potentially allowing harm to students or campus property.

Ayoub also expressed his disapproval for allowing extended access into Dugan unless they live there, in which case they would already have later access. It is a matter solely of convenience.

“There are no administrative offices or study spaces that are open late, anyhow,” Ayoub expressed.

The Office of Student Life is only open until 10:00p.m. as it is, therefore not posing any reason why swipe access should be extended.

Not all of the doors will be open to the students extremely late. Ayoub explained that the system is developed in such a way that there is a controlled amount of doors and access points for students to come into at certain times so that there are not as many trespassers or safety hazards. Furthermore, in this way, Public Safety can more closely monitor who comes into the building and prevent any dangerous activity from occurring.

Having more security in less areas is a more logical argument than having less security in more areas. It helps the flow of people into a building, lowers crime rates, prevents trespassers, allows students to be in a safer environment, and allows any medical emergencies to be attended to in a timely fashion.

The library is open late (until 2a.m., or 24 hours during finals time) so that students can get all of their homework done in a studious area at a time that is convenient for them. There are different floors to cater to the needs of every student, and their preferences for study environments. Along with this, students are able to access different buildings by way of the tunnels.

Though extended swipe access to these buildings might increase convenience for students, it will also create a less safe environment for the campus, a risk the college is unwilling to take.


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