I am still learning

By Mary Dehlia

Opinion Contributor

Something interesting is this: Whether you are a small child, adolescent, middle-aged adult, or of the elderly, we are all still learning.

There are these connections we make with each other beginning at a very early age, and they are always constant.

Take the human name for example. We are all given a name with some type of background of how it came to be. If we were all to go around the room and state our names and the history that is attached to them, we would all have a unique story, with significance. Some were named after their great-grandmothers, movie stars, activists, past presidents, or picked at random. Names are one of the smallest connections we can make with even strangers.

The human population is so incredibly diverse, and we take on each day with more knowledge than we had the day prior.

I will not be one of those people, the ones who take the knowledge of the world for granted. We are constantly learning and gaining new perspectives that are hopefully more accurate than the last.

I disturbingly feel that we are limiting ourselves. We humans are so fixed on the opinions we already have on so many controversial topics that we won’t budge when we are argued with. It’s OK to change our minds; we do it everyday when we decide which attire to cover ourselves in or when we give ourselves the opportunity to fill our bellies with nourishment.

What is so absurd about questioning our own beliefs?

I personally do this every day. I constantly think I am sure of my beliefs in science, religion, politics, morality, etc. However, everyday I am introduced to a new way of thinking, a new alternative fact that I could decide is not false.

I am building myself up, making myself more rational with every next breathe I take.

Nothing is permanent. I control the way I perceive messages. I can change my beliefs if I so choose, and I am not afraid of that. I want to keep learning. As a human, I desire to learn and I will until the day my eyes fold shut and my skin becomes cold. It is my right.

We’re the space that demands to be filled.


“I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders.”

For the ambiguity of the unknown, I am not afraid. I do not shy away from what is uncomfortable. I stay strong and I keep in mind what is possible in this world, because why not question our existence and the existence of other life?

To touch back on my initial proposition that everyone is connected in some way, I hope now that I am a tad more understood. What I mean by this is that every human, including myself, is misunderstood, yet we are all the same with the chance to learn together every day that passes.

And we let ourselves believe there is a certain way the river flows, but we are the ones who give meaning to everything. We all strive to achieve a shared meaning…whether it be hope or validity. Whether it be self-love or some sort of grasp on this reality we live. Knowledge comes from communication, and together I believe both can change the world.


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