Familiar Faces of Canisius: Peter Gwinner

By Abby Wojcik

Assistant Features Editor

Almost all of Canisius’ students depend on Tim Horton’s for meals, desserts, and caffeine for their long days of classes and activities. Tim Horton’s would not be the reliable resource it is if not for the wonderful employees that run it. Peter Gwinner is one of those extraordinary people that should be recognized for the hard work he puts into his job at Canisius.

Gwinner has only been here for four months, but he is a true Buffalonian at heart. He was born in Buffalo and went to high school here; he went to South Park for one year, Bishop Diamond for one year, and then graduated from Williamsville after attending for two years. He spent the last fifteen years in Florida.

Before being hired at Canisius, he worked for a long-term care facility in Buffalo. Eventually, that company transferred him here. The ironic thing about this change for him is that he is a Canisius College alumnus. “Since I went to school here a long time ago, and I actually lived on campus,” he said, the most interesting thing about being back at his school is “just being part of the scene thirty-five years later.”

Gwinner is responsible for stocking everything when he comes in to work; he stocks everything from the shipment, replacing everything that has been depleted. He also gets everything ready for his shift and prepares the area for the morning shift when he works closing shifts. And, of course, he waits on the customers to give them a pleasant experience at Tim Horton’s.

Gwinner considers himself a perfectionist and he takes his professional duties very seriously. He has a strong work ethic, which is one of the things about him that makes him so memorable for the people at Canisius. Sophomore Sierra Brooks definitely appreciates his endeavor to help Tim Horton’s customers.

“He always is the most polite worker at Tim Horton’s,” Brooks said. “He makes sure everything is correct, and it really means a lot because coffee is the one thing keeping me going through the week. I just think he is a super nice man that works hard, and makes my day to see.”

Gwinner is also interested in distance running and belongs to a running club. He ran track and field, as well as cross country, when he attended Canisius, and he continues to do so today. He even interacts with “some of the students that are runners, like the men and women track teams,” he said. “I race with them occasionally.”

Gwinner is a dedicated, enthusiastic presence at Tim Horton’s. After engaging with him, it is undeniable that he is a cherished individual at Canisius College.

“I try to wait on the students and faculty with a smile and try to move them along because I know they have places to go, classes,” he said. “They might be between classes, or what have you. And just be friendly and keep things moving is about all I can do.”

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