New chairs of biology and ABEC talk move to Science Hall

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter

The departments of Biology and ABEC both welcomed new chairs this year. Dr. Susan Margulis, chair of ABEC, and the co-chairs of Biology, Dr. Elizabeth Hogan and Dr. Robert Grebenok, joined the conversation surrounding the move out of Health Science and into Science Hall. While this is a project that has been in the making for many years, plans for the second floor are being discussed.

Marco Benedetti, VP of Business and Finance, stated, “We have been gathering input on the next phase of Science Hall for a while. We are exploring the possibility of developing the second floor space at this time. The scope of developing the Biology and ABEC areas would represent a phased approach to completing all of Science Hall. Much of this work is still preliminary and, to date, we have been working on the design of that space.  Many other aspects still need to be finalized.”

While it is unclear when this highly anticipated move would be, Margaret McCarthy, VP of Academic Affairs, wanted to be proactive. “With new chairs in place for Biology and ABEC, it made sense to open the conversation again to be sure the plans reflected the needs of the faculty and students,” she said.
As of this publication, there is no information on what will happen to Health Science once those departments make the move. The different departments that are currently housed in Health Science, like Psychology, are being added to the conversation. Once everything is lined up, such as funds and plans, the departments will be on their way to using the facilities promised to them years ago.


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