Starting the countdown: 100 days until Commencement

By Abby Wojcik and Carl Legg

Assistant Features Editor and Features Contributor

After four years of essays, projects, laboring at jobs, long nights, and gallons of coffee consumed to complete it all, the seniors of Canisius College deserve a celebration that pays tribute to their triumphs. With graduation and the rest of their lives just around the corner, this time can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. This is the reason behind putting on a party exclusively for the seniors to have fun with their class and continue making memories at their beloved school before it is time to engage in the next chapter of whatever opportunities lie ahead.

Last night was the annual celebration for the seniors at Canisius, who only have 100 days left until their commencement. Organized by the Senior Week Committee, the event was made to give the graduating class something more to be excited about during their final days on campus. While the 100 Days Party is not unique to Canisius, it has still become a vital piece to senior year and is very special to those who go.

The 100 Days Party is always at the Economou Dining Hall, which is decorated by the committee for the event. Funded through the College, the event offered plenty of accommodations to keep the students entertained, including a DJ, dance floor, and food and drinks catered by Chartwells. Those involved with the Senior Week Committee extended enormous effort to make it a night to remember. They graciously organized the entertainment and decorated the Dining Hall.

No one in the graduating class is on the Senior Week Committee, but it is still important to those who put it together. A leader on the committee, graduate student Brandon Pietron, was particularly devoted to this event because there was no Senior Week experiences for his graduating class. “It’s nice to see everyone have fun, because I couldn’t,” he said. “My favorite part is seeing everyone having fun and relaxing together.”

The Senior Week Committee will take a break after the party because their next commitment will not be until the end of the semester, when the official Senior Week begins. There is plenty to look forward to, with constant events and activities during that week. From Senior Ball to happy hour, it will be impossible for the seniors to be bored. There will be a trip to a Bison’s game and a brunch as a part of the reward for all that the graduating class of 2017 have given the College.

For many students, life has always felt as if it has been a series of graduations. Every time they left a school in the past there was another one that they were now the freshmen of.The finality of graduating college and the independence that follows can be intimidating because there will never be another opportunity to be a freshman again. The great people on the Senior Week Committee do what they can to diminish this fear so that graduation can remain the celebration of hard work that the class of 2017 deserves.

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