Senate to include internal minutes in weekly email

By Felicia Smolen

Griffin Reporter

In the past, the Senate has been known to be poor with communication, however this has changed more recently. Gina Trippe, who is the Senate’s Vice President of Marketing, has been trying trying to continue this improvement on the lack of communication. Once a week, an email is supposed to be sent out to alert and update students to new information that has been discussed at Senate meetings and potential changes that might be occurring. These updates contain information about important topics that are covered at Senate meetings, such as budget appeals, or different ways clubs want to change their constitution.

However, it seems that recently the emails have been sparse, and it has left many wondering why. Gina Trippe had some answers to this question. One reason she gives is in consideration to the emails that students already get.

“While I try to stick to a weekly schedule of sending out the updates, they are not always necessary, and since students’ inboxes are already so full, I don’t want to add another email to that if it isn’t necessary to do so,” said Trippe.

At the beginning and end of the semester, many times there are not a lot of updates to report, so the need for the emails is low. Rather than further cluttering everybody’s inboxes, it would be better to condense the information into a larger email update later on.

However, perhaps the more prominent issue and reason for the lack of emails is that Canisius has implemented its new email system called “Today @ Canisius,” which was installed when the Email Reduction Act was passed at the end of last year. The goal of the act was to reduce the amount of emails students received by 50-percent, due to the high volume of emails students were previously receiving. Though the act was passed last year, the development and implementation of the new system took longer than anticipated to take effect; the system was officially introduced last week.

“Because we want to set an example for other students and organizations on campus, I’ve begun to submit posts with our upcoming meeting agenda for this week, as well as the updates from last week through the Today @ Canisius system. Unfortunately, they were not posted, which is also happening to other students and organizations,” explained Trippe.

The lack of updates are not the result of issues on the Senate’s end, but rather with technical issues with the new Today @ Canisius Program. These issues are currently being looked at, worked on, and resolved. However, in the meantime, Gina does not plan to let this issue stand in the way of communicating important information to the students here at Canisius.

“I want to be very clear that if there was something incredibly pertinent for students to know, I would always make sure that information was communicated immediately,” said Trippe.


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