USA implements “Today at Canisius” blog to reduce number of student emails

By Janelle Harb


On Wednesday, February 1, Canisius College implemented a new blog system titled “Today at Canisius” in an effort to reduce the number of emails sent to students.  

“Today at Canisius” is a blog consisting of entries from student-run organizations sharing information about their clubs, events, meetings, etc.  The resolution to institute this system came from student dissatisfaction and outcry over the mass amounts of emails received daily from various student clubs and organizations.  

According to the email sent by the Undergraduate Student Association, the Email Reduction Act (ERA) will reduce the number of emails sent out by 50%.  The information and announcements formerly in these emails will now be submitted via the submission page of the blog at 2p.m. on the day before, and will then be sent in one email the next morning.  Following the existing protocol, these “listserv” (or emails will not be sent out on the weekends.  In order to submit a blog entry, the website can be found at, where Student Life will then review and process the submission.  

The submissions will then be distributed into four categories: events, general body meetings, service, or uncategorized. According to the announcement email, USA hopes that students “will receive less emails daily, mailbox clutter will be reduced, and information will be obtained more easily.” They also hope that “student-run organizations will be able to send out more frequent announcements to students […] leading to more success for our student-run organizations.”

Although a reduced amount of emails will be kind to both our inboxes and sanity as students, the success of clubs will not be guaranteed. Student apathy remains a large issue overshadowing the student population. Within the 2016-2017 school year, Canisius has been undergoing a drought in student involvement and activity; Student Programming Board events are overstaffed and underpopulated, and most student executive boards are suffering from graduating upperclassmen leaders with no underclassmen heirs.  

“When we held eboard applications last year, we had fewer people interested than in years past,” said Kate Anticoli, Chair of SPB.  “We struggle to get people to newer events that there isn’t a pre-existing connection to.”

Student apathy cannot be completely hinged upon the lack of knowledge of when school events are occurring, but moreso on the disinterest and lack of motivation within the students themselves.  

Meanwhile, the “categories” that these events may be posted under can be critiqued as limiting and vague, with no distinction between major student interests such as sports, the arts, general announcements, performances, and distant future events to look forward to.  

With this action, USA has made a definitive step to ease student concerns regarding events and planning, taking action to make club and event information more accessible and streamlined. It remains to be seen whether this measure will have a positive influence in curtailing student apathy and increasing attendance and interest in on-campus clubs, organizations, and events.



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