CSA looks to increase campus presence, commuter involvement

By Rebecca Brandel

News Contributor

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) aims to serve the majority of the Canisius College student body who commute to our institution daily. Canisius’ commuters and “resimuters” (residential commuters who live in nearby off-campus housing) make up 54% of the student body, according to Connor Rosenecker, CSA Vice President.

With the lifestyle that commuting projects, it is all too easy for commuters to slip through the cracks and feel forgotten by the school, something CSA strives to prevent.

It is up to the CSA to reach out to that 54% of the student body and attempt to engage these students in a positive way to enable them to have a college experience they will remember, treasure, and look back fondly on.


With this responsibility, CSA is very well-funded by student government. This year’s budget is $15,000 as a result of the new lump sum, tier-system budget structure for clubs. In years past, it has been around $14,500.

This year, CSA has focused on allocating funds towards “daily programming” for commuters, providing them with amenities and luxuries that make their experience more enjoyable on a daily basis.


Newly appointed Communication Coordinator and Publicity Coordinator, Rebecca Brandel and Megan Rooney respectively, have been tasked with marketing CSA events more extensively and reaching a wider audience through use of social media and posters around campus.

In addition, the organization has put on more programs and events for commuters this year while spending less money than in previous years.

“I really enjoy what CSA is doing for the commuters. I appreciate them giving me reasons to stay on campus since I commute from so far,” said Nick Renkas, a freshman who commutes from Alden.

CSA worked with RHA during “Welcome Back Week” to put on one of most well-received events of the week, “Buffalocals.” This event allowed commuters to return to school and regroup with friends, both commuter and resident. Students could socialize over CSA-provided Mooney’s Mac and Cheese, as well as a variety of Duff’s chicken wings and Anderson’s ice cream – all local Buffalo favorites.


Though highly successful, this is certainly not the only event CSA sponsors for students.


Every other Wednesday morning of the month, CSA serves commuters breakfast out of the commuter lounge, located between the bookstore and Frisch Hall in the tunnels–favorites are bagels and donuts–but CSA has been known to add in some fun favorites such as granola and yogurt parfaits.

The first Monday of every month, CSA serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (and sometimes Nutella and fluff) to hungry commuters looking for lunch or a quick snack.

This semester even more regular programming is being introduced. CSA will host its first “Commuter Student Cram Session” on February 22 at 5p.m. in the Commuter Lounge. Commuters are encouraged to bring homework and hang out in the lounge to work, as well as get to know fellow commuters, while enjoying food supplied by none other than CSA. All of this happens while listening to the new Spotify-powered sound system installed in the lounge last semester.


With a new budget and regular programming plans, the Commuter Student Association  aims to present commuters with new opportunities and ways to connect, create community, and enjoy the ride.


So what has CSA’s impact been on the average commuter?

Andrew Sagun, a freshman commuter from Sweet Home testifies, “CSA has provided an outlet for me to get to know other commuters I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise.”


Breakfast on the Go Dates:

February 8th

February 22nd

March 1st

March 22nd

April 5th

April 19th

May 3rd


PB & J Monday Dates:

February 6th

March 6th

April 3rd

May 3rd


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