Vice President for Student Organizations to be disbanded

by Janelle Harb


At 3:26pm on 26 January, 2017, an e-mail was sent by Jerome Daigler, Vice President for Student Organizations, that his current position on the Undergraduate Student Association Executive Board is to be dissolved effective 1 June, 2017.


The VPSO acted as a link between student leaders, USA, and the Office of Student Life.  According to Daigler’s email, the VPSO was responsible for “maintaining a spreadsheet of club records, keeping club constitutions, completing the instatement of new organizations post senate approval, etc.”


“Beth and I had a conversation back in early October where she asked me what I thought really about the position, and how necessary I really felt,” Daigler said.  I noticed that almost everything that I did intersected with another position [on the E-Board]. For example, any sort of budget or finance questions that clubs had became really confusing because they didn’t know whether to go to me or to Jeff [Spencer, Vice President of Business and Finance].”


Daigler states that he “really just found [his] position to be where […] [he] was just directing people to other people to go to.”


The amendment proposes that the VPSO’s responsibilities will now be designated to the Executive Vice President and Student Life accordingly.  


“We decided to go back to where a lot more of the responsibilities fall to the EVP being a contact point in USA for organizations.  Then, anything that has to do with college functionality of student organizations, stays with Student Life,” Daigler continued.  


In the summer of 2014, when the Office of Campus Programming and Leadership Development closed and began reorganizing into what we know as the Student Life, the position of VPSO was created.  Daigler explained that it was at this time that the clubs system was very disorganized and not updated as to which clubs were active, as well as what standards they had to follow.  


“Now, clubs are a lot more organized because you have college officials working with them a lot more, as opposed to just student government, and since you have that, the club system is a lot more sustainable,” Daigler said. “It was basically brought on to give club leaders that voice… to create a more organized system within student government for clubs to make sure that they’re represented.”


Daigler went on to stress that the elimination of this position was in no way a debacle to silence club leaders. He explained that it is strictly “to make the E-Board of USA run more effectively, to make sure that there are no overlapping duties, and that each position makes sense.” He also went on to remind club leaders that they are welcome to stop by the USA office to “have a one on one with either [himself] or the EVP… and even Student Life [themselves].”


As for Daigler himself, he is going to finish his responsibilities as VPSO, as well as continue to run the Council of Representatives meetings for his time in office.  “I’m not going anywhere,” Daigler smiled.  


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