USA ushers in new semester with loss of E-Board position and new student projects

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter


The first Senate meeting of the year met on Tuesday in Regis Room. Senators laughed and chatted then got down to business. While there was little to report on, due to the semester just beginning, Jerry Daigler made a large announcement to start things off.

Daigler offered the discussion of dropping his seat in Senate. Daigler stated that this was discussed with other Senate members before proposing it. This would mean no one could run for this position next year. Daigler stated that his position is “unnecessary” due to Student Life’s active involvement in Student Club Affairs. Daigler stated that this would move to be taught by a professional instructor over the next few years and will be overseen by the Executive Vice President.

Club leaders were notified on Thursday afternoon of the positions impending removal. In email, Daigler states, “Since the position’s instatement 4 years ago, much of the Vice-President of Student Organization’s responsibilities have been shared by The Office of Student Life, including but not limited to: maintaining a spreadsheet of club records, keeping club constitutions, completing the instatement of new organizations post senate approval, etc. Due to the several overlapping duties, the Executive Board of USA will be proposing an amendment that will dissolve the responsibilities of the VPSO to that of Student Life, as well as the Executive Vice President.”

President Elias Ayoub commented on a shift of Senate projects. “As a group we moved away from long projects that take up a lot of energy but do not truly represent student concern, and took on larger but more intangible goals. I am pleased that we became the loudest and most active voice on the subject of racial inclusion and that we continued to push for a more sustainable campus.” He continues to talk of making sure all of this progress isn’t lost in a transition of powers next semester. To ensure this, Ayoub is focusing on smaller adjustments to keep change constant. Change that would be beneficial to students in ways that are important to them instead of broader less attainable goals.

This ideology was continued throughout the evening. Smaller projects and ideas were introduced. VP of Marketing and Public Relations Gina Trippe and Chair of Sustainability Clayton Shanahan talked of their efforts for this coming semester. The Senate will be cutting back on their own paper use, as well as starting a campaign to ensure the student body that Canisius is now composting.

Dining Services’s committee Chair, Luke McCoy, gave some insight on what is new this semester. He explained the new dining stations would be self-serve. He also introduced some new ideas to get rolling. He is working on getting a survey of those with food allergies that dine with Chartwells and other places throughout campus. He is aware of the danger of mislabeled food items and is pushing to ensure that everything is properly notified with warnings or stickers. McCoy also is attempting to upstart a Student Run Business within Canisius. This would help give experience to students in majors such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Business.  

Chairs of Public Safety, John Overfield and Christina Koldmann, shared exciting news of additional parking being added behind Village Apartments. These parking spots were relabeled to allow for student parking passes to be permitted there. They also informed the senate that Public Safety would be hiring new officers in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in joining in the discussion of student affairs and things that affect your daily life here at Canisius, the USA is looking for Committee members to be the voices of their peers. Some of the committees you could be involved in are: Sustainability, Student Life, Public Health, Dining Services, Diversity, or JUSTICE. Contact to learn more about how to get involved.



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