Hidden study spots on campus

By Megan Rooney and Becca Brandel

Features Contributors

With the madness of finals week swiftly approaching, it’s a guarantee that all three levels of our beloved library will be packed to the brim with students looking to power through some final papers or stay up all night cramming.

It can, however, get overwhelming – if not a bit distracting – when you sit down to study and are surrounded by a ton of other students with the same intention, and a bunch of whispering or quiet conversation around you, or even just the shuffling of papers.

This week at The Griffin, we set off on a mission to find some undercover study nooks and crannies for the students of Canisius. Here’s what we found:

Churchill Tower

Take a ride up to the ninth floor of Churchill tower to find a quaint little student longue among the English professors offices. Inside are a few couches and tables, and this cozy spot is perfect for you and a few of your friends to get comfortable and get some work done in a quiet environment. There is also a spectacular view of the campus that is one of a kind.

Lyons Hall

Seeing as Lyons Hall is across the street from the rest of Canisius buildings, it gets a lot less traffic from students coming to hang out, not just going to class and leaving. We found a cute table-and-chair set up on the fourth floor of Lyons, complete with a carpeted floor area where you are guaranteed some quiet time. Seeing as there are only a few classrooms nearby, not many students will have reason to be traveling that hallway.

Science Hall

Another part of campus that isn’t first on people’s minds when thinking of where to go to get some work done, Science Hall has a few spots that many don’t know about. On the bottom floor, there are two study rooms that are completely closed in, with large tables and many seats for group work.

A second part of Science Hall that many may look over is the open area where events are held, near the door to the parking garage. When events aren’t being held there, there are countless chairs and tables on which to do work, with minimal traffic going through the area.

Old Main

The most overlooked parts of Old Main are the lounges near the middle of each floor. One that is particularly ideal for studying is the fourth floor lounge, as not many students find themselves on the fourth floor if they do not have classes. Especially later at night, there are virtually no distractions.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.58.34 PM.png

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