Canisius faculty solidarity letter

By the Canisius Faculty

To the Canisius College and Greater Buffalo Communities,

We, the undersigned faculty, want you to know the following: We condemn the lynching of a black doll on our Campus last week on November 8. We condemn the use of racial slurs that defaced flyers promoting an October Black Lives Matter event sponsored by the Undergraduate Student Association. We condemn the act of using a speaker to repeatedly blast “Build the Wall!” into the quad to disrupt an open and nonviolent speak-out against recent campus events on November 9. We do not and will not minimize these actions. We call these acts what they are: racist. We resist language that minimizes and therefore normalizes racist incidents. Failing to unambiguously name these acts and simultaneously denounce them as racist fosters an environment that condones unacceptable behavior. The actions described are divisive and unjust, not because the intent was to cause harm and suffering, but because they did cause harm and suffering. Harm was done to all of us, and a particular harm was done to those of us who identify as members of marginalized social groups. Harm was done to our entire community.

As teachers charged with educating our students to oppose bigotry and injustice, we recognize that we often fall short of the mark. Our core curriculum must provide the ground for the kinds of understanding necessary for well-educated solidarity with others. We recommit ourselves to the consistent and constant work of educating people who do not merely refuse injustice but who also take action to oppose it! As noted by former Superior General of the Jesuits, Pedro Arrupe, the very spirit of Jesuit education is a call to action for justice coupled with the duty to bear witness that exposes injustice. Arrupe insists that we “be agents of change in society; not

merely resisting unjust structures and arrangements, but actively undertaking to reform them.” This deeply Jesuit spirit obliges us to interpret the the “signs of our time” so that we are not “drugged by the comforts of privilege” that lure us into complicity. Embracing this duty, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities issued a statement last year affirming: “Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Social Justice Matters.”

As educators, we support our students who are organizing behind the principles of justice and diversity we teach in our classrooms. We support our students who have chosen and will choose to take non-violent direct and swift action aimed at changing the hostile climate on and off campus. They are living our Catholic mission, which calls for a preferential option for those marginalized and vulnerable because of their race, class, gender or sexual identity, ethnicity, disability, citizenship status, or religious identity. We cannot respond to a pattern of racial harassment with quick-fix diversity trainings. We must institutionalize our ability to defend social justice with long-term, permanent changes to our institution whose express commitment opposes injustice.

As faculty, we ask the entire Canisius Community to take seriously the following requests, and we ask the Greater Buffalo Community to be partners with us in realizing them.

  1. We request that the College reorganize the existing administrative ranks to create space and resources for a Director of Equity and Inclusion, who reports to the Faculty Senate, the President, and the Board of Trustees.
  1.  We request that the College examine the ability of its Core Curriculum to deliver the academic mission of Jesuit education and the call to action it entails.
  2.  We request resources for faculty development for teaching crucial and timely issues of justice and diversity.
  3.  We request resources for faculty to deepen their knowledge and ability to confront and discuss injustice – in all of its forms – with students and each other.
  4.  We request resources for developing an academic program that deals critically with race and its intersections with class, gender and sexuality, ethnicity, disability, citizenship status, and religious identity.
  5.  We request that the College become a “sanctuary campus.”
  6.  We request resources and support for students, faculty, and staff to apply their learning in taking action against injustice on campus and in the greater Buffalo community.

These requests are crucial to addressing racism, inclusion, and equity on campus and in the broader community. We urge all members of our community — administrators, students, faculty, staff, and others — to take these points seriously as concrete steps for moving forward. Our collective resources are essential for realizing our institutional mission and the vision expressed in this letter.

Yours in solidarity.

(A 1 next to a name indicates that the person is a member of the Canisius faculty.)

  • Devonya Havis 1
  • Christopher Culp
  • Robyn Brouer 1
  • Melissa Mosko 1
  • Joshua Russell 1
  • Jean Gregorek 1
  • Christy Hoffman 1
  • M Thomas
  • Jonathan Lawrence 1
  • Michael Monahan
  • Dior Lindsey
  • Lyn L
  • Nancy Rourke 1
  • Hadar Borrden
  • Jennifer Lodi-Smith 1
  • Linda Crawford
  • Claire Siemens
  • Marjie Alonso
  • Janet McNally 1
  • Patricia Inman
  • Kelsey Colwell
  • Jessica Hekman
  • Wendy Sax
  • Sarah Evans 1
  • Ayelet Berger
  • Rebecca Krawiec 1
  • Tanya Loughead 1
  • Abigail Levin
  • Jennifer Desiderio 1
  • Richard Reitsma 1
  • Marie Stuckey
  • Robert Selkowitz 1
  • Katherine Grennell
  • Jonathan DiCicco 1
  • Jim O’Neill 1
  • Allison Morgan
  • Amy Paegel
  • Adam Fix 1
  • Paola Fajardo-Heyward 1
  • Malini Suchak 1
  • Hussam AlMukhtar
  • Catherine Niederpruem
  • Adrienne Bermingham
  • Joseph Riso
  • Barbara Davis
  • Sara Marioles
  • Kathleen Camplin
  • Dianna Taylor
  • Patricia Christian 1
  • Alie Iwanenko
  • Candace Lukasik
  • Dave Reilly
  • Brandon Absher
  • Karl Kozlowski 1
  • Mateo Taussig-Rubbo
  • Jonathan Alkema
  • David Devereux 1
  • Janet Ferguson
  • Shelby Arena
  • Anjana Malhotra
  • Steven Maddox 1
  • Marya Grande
  • Sarah Tulin
  • Kathleen Contrino
  • Sarah Woodside
  • Paul Waldau 1
  • Daniel Haeusser
  • Jeremy Steinbacher 1
  • Jeffrey McConnell, Ph.D. 1
  • Nicolas Lorgnier
  • Mary Molloy
  • Karen Garrett Gould
  • Jessica Hoffman 1
  • Karen Dutt-Doner 1
  • Karin Hedberg
  • Larry E. Jones 1
  • Jean Ott
  • Deborah Barlow
  • Bill Fisher
  • Francine Miller
  • David Sheets 1
  • Przemyslaw Moskal 1
  • Miranda Workman
  • Theresa Armel
  • Sara Daly
  • Heron Simmonds-Price 1
  • Christin McDonald
  • Mark Gallimore 1
  • Bree Davies
  • Nicole Masaki
  • Alanna Lipinski
  • Sam Cochrane
  • GiGi Atkins-Tyson
  • Megan Rose
  • Nana Yaa Konadu
  • Hanna Etu
  • Albert Falcone
  • Mary Maroney
  • Leah McDonald
  • Mick Cochrane 1
  • Jeremy Besch
  • Michaela Strobel
  • Stephanie Frankenberger
  • Ta’Ria Wideman
  • Destiny Gregoire
  • Mark Smith
  • Brigid Randisi
  • Joshua Owen
  • Megan Stoll
  • Jacquelyn Sagasta
  • Michele Marable 1
  • Lizz Schumer
  • Tanner Gelatt
  • Michael Cammarata
  • Rebecca Goggins
  • James Pribek 1
  • Thomas Rogers III
  • Gabrielle Budziszewski
  • Danielle Stevens
  • Kevin McPartland
  • Andrew Geesler
  • Sherri Schultz
  • Emily Dorward
  • Benjamin Haskin
  • Diane Genereux
  • Abigail Starkey
  • Elizabeth Sawka
  • Kelsi Nagy
  • Nicki calabrese 1
  • Louiza Case
  • Ali Medina
  • Gabrielle Weiss
  • Maxine Osetinsky
  • Girish Shambu 1
  • James Neely
  • Terry Bisson 1
  • Joanna Panasiewicz
  • Emyle Watkins
  • Taylor Meciszewski
  • Elena Slawson
  • Trey Staples
  • Eve Hernandez
  • Harvey Pines
  • Susan Shaughnessy
  • Michael Forest 1
  • Rita Ippolito
  • Samuel Scarcello
  • Katherine Carbeck
  • Danny Tortelli
  • Patti Zander
  • Monica Ridgeway
  • Jessica Arsenault
  • Kevin Heffernan
  • Andrew Sasala
  • Malcolm Ertha
  • Meg Zickl
  • Mitchell Fiorella-Crandall
  • Karen Klementowski
  • Branwyn Wilkinson
  • Miriam MacAllister
  • Colleen Foley
  • Tara Cornelisse
  • Kathryn Cejka
  • Kimmy Nauratil
  • Kim Wutz
  • Lorretta Sackey
  • Asher Havis-Walton
  • Nick Drozdowsky
  • Carol Byrnes
  • Laura Millard
  • Helene Cuddeback
  • Sophia Burden
  • Alyssa Russell
  • Deacon Newhouse 1
  • John Aman
  • Megan Miller
  • Adria Karlsson
  • Becky Anderson
  • Amanda Oppermann
  • Dylan Gamache
  • Lisa La Fornara
  • Jennifer Koenig
  • Marie Schuster
  • Marcus Thomeer
  • Chelsea Colangelo
  • Renee Hall
  • Randi rossman
  • John Opalenik
  • Eileen Anderson
  • Laurie Higgins
  • Janice Tennant
  • Sarah Buch
  • Hannah Tedesco
  • Kaitlyn Buehlmann
  • Dae Grodin
  • Danielle Puglisi
  • Emily Rieger
  • Jane Fisher 1
  • Christopher Lauth
  • Bethany DeMarco
  • Patricia Boyd
  • Mary Ryan
  • Mary Crocker
  • Jessica Blum
  • Lynn Autry
  • Matt Doino
  • Susan Margulis 1
  • Gordon Meyer 1
  • Andrew Wong
  • Julianna Wojcik
  • Michael Butler
  • Jake Ristevski
  • Garrett Weinholtz
  • Arielle Davidson
  • Wendy Wojcik
  • Katelyn Letizia
  • Matt Carpenter
  • Jane Cercone
  • Christine Kinsey 1
  • Aleasha Casaretto
  • Mackenzie Hadaway
  • Pat Erickson 1
  • Juliana Beaumont
  • Brianna Drozda
  • Mary Jo Butler
  • Marvette Richardson
  • Grace Lindsey
  • Katlin Dellis
  • Lena Childress
  • Brian DeFlyer
  • Kasey Elersic
  • Matt Foote
  • Kevin Thompson
  • James McCutcheon
  • Molly Burhans
  • Ashley Wilkes
  • Sandra Cookson 1
  • Arrianna Hart
  • Adam Merone
  • Veronica Schabert
  • Brittany Blizzard
  • Jane Fisher 1
  • Tom Colgan
  • James Donnelly
  • Curtis Wojcik
  • Veronica Rodriguez
  • Kaye Bashe
  • Elisa Figueroa
  • Bill Gulick
  • Levi May
  • Mark Meyer 1
  • Monica Gabel
  • Fara Liautaud
  • Brandon Gregory
  • Catherine Clark
  • Bruce Dierenfield 1
  • Barbara Porter 1
  • Betsy M. DelleBovi 1
  • Robert Butler 1

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