5 ways to survive the rest of the semester

By Isabella Okuns

Opinion Contributor

It is officially the end of the semester and, like every other college student in the world, we have a bunch of papers, projects, presentations, and exams to do in a very small window of time. If you are like me, you have procrastinated throughout the Thanksgiving break, therefore putting yourself in a difficult situation.

This can turn out to be extremely overwhelming, but then there is finals week, which is literally the worst.

Before we drown ourselves in work for the next three weeks, we should look at a few ways we can survive without getting excessively stressed out.

  1. Make a schedule: This is really important when you have exams to study for and papers to write. Organizing your work into a schedule helps you balance out what you need to do and when you need to do it. It makes you more productive and helps you to not miss any of your deadlines. If you are an athlete, or someone who is in a lot of clubs, or have a job, making a schedule is key in making sure you have time for your work and activities. A basic schedule should have all your tests and papers’ due dates, as well as the times that you will be free enough to work on them. I personally plan out my whole week by levels of importance so I’m not overly stressed out. Having a schedule really goes a long way, especially in these next few weeks before finals.
  2. Do not procrastinate: Procrastination is a very hard behavior to curb, and one you should should really put in check. No one wants to wake up and realise they have a presentation due at 9:00a.m. that they have not even researched for. Keeping a schedule or just finding something to motivate you can help curb this problem and make sure you are on the right path. Thinking about how much money my parents are paying for me to go to school usually motivates me to not miss any of my classes. Seriously, do not procrastinate, because it is always costing you useful time you could use for something much better.
  3. Have adequate sleep: A good night’s rest can do a lot for you. The standard eight hours of sleep is healthy and necessary to give you a sound, interactive mind to go through the day. I honestly can not remember the last time I had a proper night’s rest and was not still tired when I woke up. Various studies have shown that adequate sleep can increase productivity throughout the day, and that’s really the goal. It also reduces your risk of illnesses and depression, which no one wants to have at this time. So even though this may seem impossible, make sure you get your daily dose of sleep.
  4. Have proper eating habits: Just like sleep, good eating habits can ensure you do not end up sick. The proper diet and daily fruit intake will keep you healthy and well every single day. That is why not eating before an exam will make you pretty tired and the hunger will definitely distract you. Junk food does not give you the energy you need to work effectively; that is why eating healthy is better for you. Just eating fruits, salads, and drinking a lot of water will give you the strength you need to survive these next few weeks.
  5. Always take a break: Yes, take a well deserved break. You deserve it. It has been a stressful semester, you should not overwork yourself. Reading, typing, and researching all day can really take its toll on you, which is why it is always important to have a stress-relieving study break. Take a walk, go eat with your friends, watch a comedy show on Netflix, take a nap, whatever can put you at ease. This ultimately makes studying and doing your work much easier because your mind is refreshed.

These next few weeks will be brutal, and they may or may not destroy your G.P.A. for this semester, but these methods could help you survive and maybe even raise that D to a C+.


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