Sports for NARPs

By Caitlin McHugh

Sports Contributor

What exactly is a NARP? Myself included, a NARP is defined as a Non-Athletic Regular Person. This column is for anyone like me who has minimal knowledge of sports but has an interest in knowing what exactly is going on in the sports world here at Canisius.

If you are in the loop at all, you probably know that the Griffs men’s basketball team played the Kentucky Wildcats this past week. Fun fact: they lost. That’s basically all you need to know… Just kidding. So how did this happen and what does it all mean?

Here’s the breakdown for the rest of us outside the sports world:

It started with a tip-off. Two tall people standing in the middle of the court, waiting for the referee to throw the ball in the air so they can “win possession” of the ball. The Griffs did not win this either.

The Wildcats scored the first two points of the game, but then the Griffs went on a “9-0 run,” which is a fancy way of saying they scored 9 points in a row while Kentucky scored none. Cool.

Then, the Griffs were able to “score points beyond the arch,” which means absolutely nothing to someone who doesn’t understand the game. This actually means they scored a three-pointer.

The Griffs actually looked to be in control, especially after a nice “give and go” play. Basically, a player throws the ball to a teammate and then proceeds to run towards the basket for a return pass in an effort to score. It worked.

Next is perhaps the most confusing term to define, the “alley-oop.” This is when a player jumps towards the basket and his teammate, who has the ball, passes it to him while he is in the air so he can finish with a dunk (when a player can actually jump so high he can touch the rim while throwing the ball into the hoop). Successful “alley-oop.”


The second half starts with more of these interesting oop plays. Moral of the story here, the Griffs struggled to stop this from happening. Kentucky starts to take a bigger lead behind the Wildcats guard (the guy who runs the offense, calls the plays, shoots more than doing the whole dunk thing).

Unfortunately, Kentucky kept this lead for the rest of the game. But on a happier side note, the Canisius guard apparently played with confidence and it appeared to be that he has done this a time or two before. It was his first game, so huge pat on the back for him.

Final score of this game: WIldcats 93, Griffs 69. Tough loss. But huge shoutout to the Griffs for keeping up with the number 2-ranked team in the country. And shoutout to everyone who could keep up with this.

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