E-mail resolution continues to stall

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter

Every morning, students awake to the vibration of their phones alerting them to a new e-mail.  Every ten minutes, after 8 a.m., their phones buzz again, and again, and again. Often, up to twenty emails per day are sent to students. The constant nagging has left some students frustrated.

“They’re overwhelming,” said Tyler Rahner, ‘17.  “I’ve started giving out my [other] email address [… ]so [I] don’t [have to] sort through to find the important ones.”

“I’ve become to desensitized to the quantity,” said Drew Sasala, ‘18. “I’d appreciate fewer each day, but I’ve learned to pay attention to the important ones.”

At the end of last semester, students were granted a savior named Joe Lesh, ‘17, who offered a source of relief.

Lesh is the active ITS liaison for the Undergraduate Student Association. He has heard the voices of the distressed and has made it his mission this semester to improve communication relationships. Lesh had promised to roll out a new program by which one e-mail per day would be sent out that had every event and notification all wrapped up into one. This project had started last Spring. Many students, such as the ones quoted here, were overjoyed to hear this. The expected launched date was to be early Fall 2016. However, it is now approaching Thanksgiving break, and students still have inboxes bursting at the seams. What is the delay?

The Griffin contacted Lesh for the past month in regards to an update on the launch. Lesh, however, could not give an update or insight on the project each time the paper reached out. Lesh claimed the delay was out of his hands and is now resting in the Office of Student Life and the Office of Online Innovations. He feels hopeful, however.

The way it is right now, I would imagine it won’t be fully finalized until after Thanksgiving break,” he said.

Beth Crvelin, Assistant Director of Student Life, reached out to The Griffin to comment on their involvement.

“Unfortunately, this program is just one of many competing priorities, and we have limited time and resources with which to work,” said Crvelin.  “I’m uncomfortable unrolling a system that isn’t as close to perfect as we can make it, and we’re just not there yet.”

The delay is due to the system being put on the back burner. Crvelin is sympathetic to those students that are anxious for this program to be rolled out and asks for their continued patience. Crvelin did not give an estimation of completion. Therefore, there is no reason to trust the post-Thanksgiving break projection anymore than the previously stated deadlines, each of which has come and gone with only unfulfilled promises.

Only time will tell when the resolution is actually complete. In the meantime, The Griffin encourages students to swim through your inbox and spam folders to find the roll out announcement once it is finally ready.


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